Sunday Session - Hayward Street Theatre

‘Dennett Hudson’s Sunday Session’ // Hayward Street Theatre


‘Sunday Sessions’ was nostalgic.

Bringing back the biggest hits from the 80’s and 90’s, Dennett Hudson’s ‘Sunday Sessions’ is a laid-back fun-filled evening of entertainment featuring 10 of Brisbane’s best. With the purpose of raising money for the Youngharts Network, ‘Sunday Sessions’ brought hearty banter, killer vocals, and a healthy dose of audience participation. 

Walking into the Hayward St Theatre was like walking into a big, welcoming living room. The set consisted of sofas, lounge chairs, a white backdrop to act as a wall, and a piano on the side. This wide-open living room atmosphere quickly set the audience at ease, complimented by the background music which gave audiences a taste of what was to come.

The host, accompanist and founder of the night, Dennett Hudson, kicked off the show with a musical number, introducing each of the artists as they joined in song. The performers: Asabi Goodman, Chloe Rose Taylor, Cristian Robba-Colley, David Jon O’Neill, Jessica Papst, Josh Daveta, Montana Lara, Natasha Veselinovic, Peter Murphy & Vivien Emsworth, all provided stunning vocals, sassy repartee and entertainment throughout the night which took us everywhere from power ballads and rock, to R&B and boybands. The program was well paced and never left a dull moment. It was wonderful to see how each artist added their own style and flair to the song they chose to perform and made it authentic to themselves.

The pre-show music transitioning into the start of the show was sleek as were the transitions between performers and songs. Sound levels and quality were perfectly balanced with the performers on handhelds perfectly suiting the intimate setting. A few changes in lighting setting would have been a welcome addition, however, the simple state met the needs of the show. 

To finish off the show with not one, but two grand finale’s, Dennett and the cast led the audience in an 80’s themed musical theatre singalong. Cast and audience joined together in a joyous ending.

If you’re looking for a laidback fun-filled night of nostalgia, your favorite radio hits, some audience participation, hosted and performed by some of Brisbane’s best local talent, keep your eyes peeled for Dennett Hudson’s next Sunday Session at Hayward Street Theatre.

Dennett Hudson’s first ‘Sunday Session’ performed for one night only. For more information on future ‘Sunday Session’ productions, visit the Hayward Street website.

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