The Almighty Sometimes - Queensland Theatre


Aug 14, 2022 - Sep 04, 2022


5:00 am - 5:00 am

The Almighty Sometimes

Presented by Queensland Theatre
Theatre Performance 

Anna has been on medication for so long she can’t remember who she is without it. All she knows is that once, as a little girl, she was a prodigious writing talent, in possession of a thrilling imagination. Has this been lost to years of pills and prescriptions?

Now 18, Anna is determined to find out, and the possibilities are endless. Could she go to university? Could she have a boyfriend, maybe? Could she even write a work of undeniable genius?

Her mother Renee has always tried to keep Anna safe: taking care, editing the choices, enjoying the relative calm. Renee can’t bear to watch her daughter go through the anguish again.

Kendall Feaver’s multi-award-winning play is a heartfelt family drama about loving someone with a mental illness. From the complexities of diagnosing children to the courage of raising teenagers towards independence. ‘The Almighty Sometimes’ is filled with humour, pain and a little bit of magic.

Available Dates: 

Saturday, 13 August – Saturday, 3 September 2022


Bille Brown Theatre, Queensland Theate
78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD 4101


$39.00 – $94.00

Tickets are available from the Queensland Theatre Website.

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