Meet The Hausmates

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Welcome to Theatre Haus – the Home of Theatre.

Theatre Haus is a digital platform providing the latest in theatre news, reviews, audition and event listings. Launched in February 2019, by a group of Queensland creatives, Theatre Haus remains the only Brisbane-focused theatre-centred publication. At Theatre Haus, your stories, your productions, and your ambitions matter. This is a home, where everyone is welcome – even if it’s just to borrow a cup of sugar.

Elodie Boal

Elodie Boal (Creative Director)

Part writer, part marketing guru and full-time curious creative, Elodie has a wealth of experience in the performing arts industry. By day, she is a Digital Marketing and Content Manager and by night, she dons several hats as an actor, director, published playwright, freelance writer/reviewer, and Creative Producer/Founder of Mira Ball Productions. Elodie has won several awards in her fields - some of her most notorious include a Gold Coast Theatre Golden Palm Award for her portrayal of Cherry in ‘COSI’ (2017); and most recently, a Seven News Young Achievers Award Nomination and a total of 28-awards for her productions ‘The Descent’ and ‘Update’ on the SEQ Drama Festival Circuit - including Best Play and Best New Script (2018). Elodie has postgraduate degrees in Journalism and Business (International Business) and graduated with distinction. She recently worked with La Boite Theatre Company as part of their TWENTY ONE program as a Director.

  • Elodie has visited over 25 countries and rates Croatia, Hungary, Greece and America as her favs. Memphis, Tennessee, has been her ultimate trip highlight!
  • Elodie is against coriander and completely pro anything potato.
  • In 2015, Elodie’s one-act play 'Wondered' won 40 awards on the Southeast Queensland Drama Festival Circuit (including Best New Australian Script and Best Director).
  • Unlike most people, Elodie pays money to see Nickelback in concert and has a passion for rock music (her favourite band is Motley Crue).
  • Elodie is a serious Christmas enthusiast and spends hours delicately selecting Christmas paper in a colour theme, when it first goes on sale. Jingle, jingle her way, if you agree.
Shane Webb

Shane Webb (Senior Editor)

With a healthy interest in the creative arts from a young age, Shane has studied drama at ACU, where he also majored in Philosophy and Literature. He then went on to study Acting at USQ, and screenwriting at the New York Film Academy on the Gold Coast. His theatrical experience has seen him take on many roles both on and off stage, he has sat on the boards of several community theatre companies, was the founder and Artistic Director of Risk Theatre, has directed several productions (most recently 'Young Frankenstein' with the Phoenix Ensemble), and later in 2019 is launching a new podcast series called Scrappy Little Creative. Shane is a passionate advocate for community theatre, and the arts in general, and the benefits and social good that they bring to our society.

  • If Shane had to pick his last meal ever, it would be pizza. The greatest food of all time. Unless you ruin it with coriander. In which case, what is wrong with you?
  • Shane briefly trained with the QLD Judo Team. After his first training session, he woke up and found he could not move, at all. He has had a healthy distrust of running up stairs ever since.
  • Shane has recently gone through and unsubscribed from 135 seperate websites. No really, he counted them. Now his inbox only has “useful” emails in them. Which is rather more boring.
  • A self confessed night owl, Shane’s work often requires him to be up and about earlier than he would like, so he views coffee as an entire food group.
  • Shane’s favourite city in the world is New York. He’s never been there, but is fairly sure that while New York has also never been to Shane, he is NYC’s favourite person in the world.
Trent Sellars

Trent Sellars (Business Development Manager)

Over the past decade Trent has assisted with the marketing for various theatre organisations, including Redcliffe Musical Theatre, Mira Ball Productions and Roma Performing Arts. He has also worked as a freelance graphic designer, and as a marketing coordinator in the Transport and Logistics industry. As a director, Trent has lead multiple theatre projects, including The Addams Family, Peter Pan, Annie, and Wind in the Willows. Additionally, he has produced and coordinated events such as the Roma Film Festival and various music workshops for youth in regional Queensland. Academically, Trent holds a postgraduate degree in Secondary Education from the Australian Catholic University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland, and currently works as a Secondary Teacher.

  • Trent has a tattoo on his forearm listing the airport code of every airport he has travelled through.
  • As a teenager, Trent spent time as an extra on the set of Channel Ten's H2O: Just Add Water, only to have any evidence lost to the cutting room floor.
  • At University, Trent studied a range of world religions. He fell in love with the subject and now majors in the field.
  • Trent is so afraid of heights, on a trip to Paris he waited hours to take a lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower only to cling to the wall.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Trent loves a good bowl cut.