Meet The Haus Sitters

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When the Haus Mates are away - the Haus Sitters come out to play!

At Theatre Haus, we are incredibly grateful for our supportive team who helps check our mail and water the plants. These creatives make up just a small fragment of some of Brisbane’s established and emerging artists. With a wealth of experience in education, media and our theatrical community, we welcome our awesome and talented team of reviewers and writers. 

Sophie Price

Sophie Price

Sophie is a talented writer, actress, singer, teacher and all-round creative who is nearing the completion of her Bachelor degree majoring in Journalism and Drama. She is no stranger to the stage, receiving many accolades for her performance work including two consecutive Best Lead Actress finalist nominations at the Gold Coast Theatre Awards and an award for 'Upcoming Talent' at the ceremony in 2017.

Sophie has performed many lead roles with highlights including Eponine ('Les Miserables'), Wednesday Addams ('The Addams Family Musical') and Young Jill in the Southeast Queensland touring production, 'The Descent'. When she isn't writing or performing, Sophie enjoys teaching drama skills through private and group lessons at schools around Southeast Brisbane. Sophie finds great joy in combining her passion for theatre and writing here at Theatre Haus and looks forward to seeing all the incredible theatre Brisbane has to offer.

  • Sophie has a genuine fear of anything abnormally large...and praying mantises, so clearly her fears are quite inconsistent!
  • Sophie could do a one-woman show of any old-time Barbie movie! That’s how much she loves them. Proudly brought to you by Mattel.
  • The year of 2017 proved to be a massive year for Sophie. It was the first time she ate a McDonald's burger! Like, ever!
Brad Chapman

Bradley Chapman

Bradley is one of Australia's leading Drama educators. His prolific work regarding the impact of theatre on the welfare and academic outcomes of teenage boys has inspired Drama teachers across the country who have described Brad's work as 'changing the face of Drama and Theatre education nationally'. Bradley has worked with amateur and professional companies across Queensland for over two decades. Some recent directorial credits include: ‘Holding the Man’ (UGP) ‘Lord of the Flies’ (BTG) ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Spamalot’, ‘Into the Woods’ (SSC) ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ (JTC). Recent onstage credits include: Reverend Hale in ‘The Crucible’, Doug in ‘Cosi’ (BTG), Bazzard in ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ (Spotlight TC) George Banks in ‘Mary Poppin’s, Edna Turnblad in ‘Hairspray’ (The Brolga Theatre) among others.

  • Brad has spent a lot of time at University. He holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama) and a Master of Educational Leadership. He wrote his thesis on gender culture and if he hears you mention anything connected to it, he will swoop in and spout bits of the thesis at you.
  • Brad has many awards for acting and directing. Most recently he was recognised as Best Youth Director at the Gold Palm Theatre Awards for his work on ‘Lord of the Flies’.
  • Brad's favourite thing to do is play video games. He would rather play them than eat, sleep or talk to you. His long-suffering boyfriend is pretty worried about him, actually.
Louella Baldwin

Louella Baldwin

Louella Baldwin has many years of experience in the theatre and writing world, using it as a way to live the extraordinary! With a Bachelors degree from Queensland University of Technology in Drama and Creative and Professional Writing, she finds reviewing the perfect way to merge her two loves. In her spare time, when she isn't running around an engineering company storeroom, Louella does photography, directs, acts, writes and runs the social media for Brisbane based theatre company Ad Astra. She hopes to one day see her novel, which has been in the planning stages for the last four years, in a Dymocks or QBD one day alongside the great fantasy authors of our time.

  • One of Louella's other great loves is KPOP, and so for the last year, she has been teaching herself Korean.
  • Louella owns over 300 books and plays, all of which she has painstakingly covered in clear contact to protect.
  • On a holiday to Greece Louella cried when she saw the Parthenon in person, even though it was covered in scaffolding.
Kym Brown

Kym Brown

Kym is a High School Music Teacher, and has spent many years both on and off stage, in a variety of roles. As a Singer, Pianist and Musical Director, she is one of the founding four members that produce the 24 Hour Musical each year, as well as working with a wide variety of theatre company’s around Brisbane. Kym has spent many years behind the scenes as a Director, Stage Manager and Lighting Designer, and is passionate about training well-rounded arts practitioners wherever she goes. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Drama) and Graduate Diplomas of Music and Secondary Education.

  • Kym never completed Year 3 of her school education; however she did complete 12-years of high school… you do the maths!
  • In Kym’s spare time, she creates her own cross stitch patterns!
  • History has it that somewhere down the line, Kym is a descendant* of Captain Cook’s sister! (*this fact is not completely verified but brought to you by Kym’s family).
Ruby Sanders

Ruby Sanders

Ruby is a passionate young actor new to Brisbane. Originally from the Toowoomba region, Ruby took up acting, piano and singing lessons from a young age and performed locally in many musicals and plays including Lady Macbeth in 'Macbeth', Truly Scrumptious in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', Scaramouche in 'We Will Rock You' and most recently, Stacy in 'X-Stacy'. She was also a member of the Empire Theatre’s 2018 IMPACT Ensemble, a progressive youth theatre program for emerging actors and writers, in which she part took in creating and performing a brand-new work based on Picnic at Hanging Rock. Ruby is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama at Queensland University of Technology, has launched her new theatre group The Black Box Collective and is a member of the 2019 Backbone ensemble. She has a passion for performing, creating and watching theatre. When she’s not at the theatre you will find her in a park, at a sushi train or curled up watching a movie in bed.

  • Ruby cannot turn down a challenge EVER. For example, she had always sworn she would never go bungy jumping.  However, her sister dared her to do it on a family holiday and now she has survived jumping off a 43m high bridge in New Zealand.
  • Ruby is a HUGE fan of olives.
  • In 2017, on a family holiday to Bali, Ruby almost got attacked by a gang of Monkey's in the monkey forest in Ubud but survived.
Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is a journalist who's been in love with theatre and performance ever since she was cast as Dorothy in her primary school production of 'The Wizard of Oz' (and the people sitting in front of her parents called her precocious). A self-confessed media tart, Elizabeth has written for many publications including Woman's Day, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, The Age, Empire Magazine, SheSAID, Mamamia, Your Tango, Ravishly, Whimn and My City Life. She also co-hosts the podcast review podcast Castology for the That's Not Canon network. Elizabeth likes long walks up the makeup aisle (check out her beauty product filled instagram @thebeautypalate) and correcting people's grammar.

  • She once made it through to the final shortlist to appear on The Bachelor Australia (before being disqualified for working in the media and, rightly, refusing to quit her job to appear on the show).
  • She has seen more than 60 shows on Broadway thanks to long NY trips where she sees a show every night. #letsgocrazybroadwaystyle
  • She's probably spent more money on makeup than just about anything else in her life except her car (Sephora Gold Member for life... oops).
Fotini Box

Fotini Box

Fotini is a composer, flautist, pianist and teacher. She has a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, during which she wrote scores for student films that have won numerous awards overseas and in Australia. Fotini is also an accomplished flute and piano player with over 12-years of experience and is currently studying an Associate in Music, Australia (A.Mus.A). on flute and a Certificate of Performance on piano. She was also a part of the massed ensemble in Harvest Rain's 2014 production of 'Cats' and hopes to write her own musical one day. When Fotini isn't listening to musicals, practicing, or reading, she runs her own business where she teaches flute, piano, and composition from her home studio. Fotini is thrilled to be sharing her love of theatre as a reviewer for Theatre Haus.

  • Fotini - somehow - cries during almost every musical she sees.
  • Since mid-2017, Fotini has been a part of the book community on Instagram where she reads and reviews books for various publishers.
  • Fotini loves Vincent van Gogh and owns six books about him.
Mel Bobbermien

Mel Bobbermien

With over 16-years experience in the Theatre, Mel is no stranger to the stage, the pit, the lighting box, the Stage Manager seat and the Director’s chair. After venturing around the world with her career in travel, Mel focused her attention on her passion - people and writing. Becoming a Theatre Reviewer for a highly acclaimed theatre magazine, and a freelance writer for several awarded travel sites, she loves connecting with people and their stories. This is where her joy and love of theatre coincide.

  • Mel currently owns over 12,000 pieces of LEGO, containing but limited to The Disney Castle and 6-sets of Harry Potter stages.
  • For 18-years, Mel’s Mum convinced her that the bird ‘Galah’ was actually called a ‘Floydie’. It wasn’t until a friend pointed it out that Mel realised her whole life was a lie.
  • Mel has sat 3 seats away from Oprah Winfrey at the broadway show, ‘The Colour Purple’, and could barely breathe the entire show.
Hannah Kassulke

Hannah Kassulke

Hannah has been involved in the Brisbane theatre community for a number of years. She graduated with distinction from the University of Queensland in 2018, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in drama and history, and underwent an internship with Harvest Rain Theatre Company in 2014. With extensive experience in community theatre in Brisbane, her credits include shows such as Next to Normal (Natalie), and Ladies in Black (Fay) at Brisbane Arts theatre; Les Miserable (Fantine understudy) and Wicked with IMTC, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Phoenix Ensemble. She participated in the South East Queensland One Act Play festival for which she was awarded Best Actress in her section. She also directed Reasons to be Pretty at Brisbane Arts Theatre. When she isn’t in the rehearsal room Hannah is working on her independent speechwriting business, as well as working as a children’s entertainer.

  • Hannah has never eaten/consumed/tasted/tried a McFlurry.
  • Hannah's cockatiel can sing the tequila song... a little out of tune.
  • As a guilty pleasure, Hannah collects Yowie toys and blue-tacs them to the dash of her car.

Johanna Lyon

Johanna Lyon is a young performer and writer dedicated to laughing with others. After graduating with her Bachelor of Creative Arts degree in acting from the University of Southern Queensland, she undertook further study to develop cabaret comedy. Jo is obsessed with consuming great performances/stories and coming to understand what makes them so. She is most interested in discussing and unpacking why humans do what we do in areas of life including: love, childhood, and discrimination. She aims to achieve connection between strangers within her work, for an audience to relate to something that is confessed/proposed/thought and then (best-case scenario) share their own relevant experiences with others.

  • Both of Jo's elbows are double-jointed. Spaghetti Woman.
  • Jo is a addict to the hot glue gun, if she had her way she worn adorn it all; ceiling to floor, in pearls, sequins and rhinestones.
  • If she weren't reviewing Brisbane's best theatre, she'd probably be a Smell Detective, with her keen, powerful schnoz.

Ella O'Brien

Ella is a Law and Creative Industries Student at QUT majoring in Entertainment. She has a love for all things theatre and has a very special space in her heart for musicals. For years before moving to Brisbane, Ella partook in as many performance opportunities she could. Starting with dance when she was just three years old discovering her love for theatre at the age of ten in her school’s production of ‘Oliver!’. After clocking in eleven different productions in eights years, Ella went on to Direct her first production of ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’ this year. Since branching into academia, Ella has found a new-found appreciation for Entertainment after becoming part of her universities own resident theatre group, Vena Cava Productions, as their Head of Administration. She often finds herself using her legal writing skills to prepare documents for Vena Cava. She hopes to use these same skills when Haus Sitting.

  • Ella likes to deconstruct movies that she watches at the cinemas, talking for hours about why the director chose to put certain things into the film and the ways in which they captured certain scenes. Ella’s friend and family do not.
  • Ella’s first professional production she ever saw was Strictly Ballroom in 2015.
  • Ella thinks the most versatile food is potatoes. Don’t argue with her on this.

Chloe Hutchins

Chloe is an actress, singer and teacher of English, Drama and Humanities. Having been involved in all things theatrical since the age of four, it's only natural that her writing and reviewing skills are now at play, after starring in musicals such as 'The Boy From Oz', 'Rent' and 'Beauty and The Beast'. Whilst catching (and sustaining) the travel bug for the past 7-years, Chloe has managed to earn a Bachelor of Theatre Studies (2010) and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (2014). Travelling has summoned Chloe's innate curiosity in the world, and has led to her desire to continue learning from people and bring these new understandings to life through performance.

  • Chloe is terrified of mannequins! Even more so if they are dressed in regular clothing.
  • Chloe has explored 34 countries and missed approximately that many flights.
  • If you're wondering who keeps the business/factory alive of those glucojel jellybeans you see at the counter of any pharmacy, it's Chloe. She's never not bought a packet! De-licious!