ADC’s ‘Arc’ to include 38 dancers at Brisbane Festival

In a stunning first for Australasian Dance Collective, 38 dancers will take to South Bank’s River Quay Green to premiere ‘Arc’ at Brisbane Festival.

‘Arc’ represents a watershed moment for the Brisbane-based collective, with ADC’s 30-strong Youth Ensemble performing alongside the acclaimed company dancers for the very first time.

Created by Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, ‘Arc’ is a remarkable and triumphant work of scale that captures the odyssey of the human spirit, and how we strive for purpose and unity following a time of separation and fear.

A bespoke creation for Brisbane Festival, and set amongst the greenery of River Quay Green, this deeply-moving piece not only prompts a response, it demands it. It invites audiences to take part in the celebration of being human, together – relishing in the joy of community and shared experience.

Hollingsworth enthused that combining the company dancers with the Youth Ensemble exemplified the artistic vision of Australasian Dance Collective.

“The invitation to create something new for Brisbane Festival offered an opportunity to bring one of my dreams to life – creating a work on our entire collective of dancers, combining the extraordinary company artists with our 30 youth ensemble dancers,” Hollingsworth said.

“Working and creating alongside each other, the huge cast of 38 dancers, ranging from 15 to 35-years-old, is experiencing a wonderfully reciprocal environment – the young performers are being both inspired and nurtured by the company dancers, but their energy and passion is truly giving back to the company dancers.”

After a tumultuous year, which has included cancelling multiple performance seasons, Hollingsworth said the opportunity to perform for an audience again was “very emotional”.

“The dancers of the collective have kept their sense of strength and purpose in this difficult time, but nothing quite compares to the incredibly enriching experience of performing live – it is so emotionally rewarding for performer and audience alike,” she said.

“We have been longing to connect in person again, to create a sense of community through sharing and experiencing moments that move us, en masse.”

ADC blends its signature physical prowess with compelling, artful contemplation to create a thought-provoking and high energy performance that challenges and moves the soul. In their new production ‘Arc’, the emotional journey of the collectives dancers is represented.

“‘Arc’ represents so many things – the arc we are all on, moving from what was to what lies ahead, navigating and embracing a new normal,” Hollingsworth said.

:It lends itself to the emotional arc of the work but also the trajectory we have been experiencing – from isolation to reconnection.”

Showcasing an outstanding array of Brisbane talent, from the cast to the creatives, the much-loved gathering space on the banks of the river will also come alive with an evocative new score from award-winning composer Wil Hughes.

‘Arc’ performs for two shows only on Friday, 18 September and Saturday, 19 September. This is a free event, however bookings are essential and can be made through Brisbane Festival.

For more information, visit Brisbane Festival’s Website

Media Release supplied by Australasian Dance Collective.

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