Wall of Faves


Wall of Faves aims to recognise, showcase and celebrate the achievements of theatremakers across Southeast Queensland and beyond. Wall of Faves highlights our team and community’s favourite performances throughout the community, independent and professional sectors.


In early December, nominations open to the Theatre Haus team. Each writer gets the opportunity to share one favourite in each of the categories.  They do not need have reviewed the show, but must have seen it to nominate.

Later in the month, People’s Choice opens to the public for a special open category where anyone can be nominated. As of 2023, the most nominated show is also shared alongside the Top 10 and full list of nominees.

Wall of Faves and the People’s Choice are shared annually on December 30th from 6pm.


Wall of Faves was established in 2019, after Theatre Haus’ first year of conception. While only able to showcase a small selection in its initial year, Wall of Faves now includes local, national and international producers, performers, artists and creatives and celebrates the immense and diverse talent of our arts and entertainment industry.

It was at this time we also asked ourselves, who can really define what is “best” when it comes to the arts and creative industries? We are open about the subjectivity of what we do – from our reviews to our events. Wall of Faves recognises those shows enjoyed the most (favourites), whether or not they’re also the best of the year/industry isn’t really for us to decide!

Since Wall of Faves 2021, Theatre Haus has included a People’s Choice category. This Fave is distinct from all others, as the public is asked for their input in selecting the list of nominees. It relies on anonymous selection, an honesty system, and a tally of the most-voted productions for the final selection.

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