My Bloody Valentine - Abadon Productions

‘My Bloody Valentine’ // Abadon Productions

‘My Bloody Valentine’ was debauched.

Abadon Productions and their cast of ghouls inhabit the Ron Hurley Theatre this February to present an original burlesque cabaret show from beyond the grave. Written and directed by horror lover, Liam Donnelly, the show explores various unsettling themes through song and dance.

Technical design by Rueben Stewart underscored the action on stage in an eerie and atmospheric way. Red stage washes were utilised to great effect to enhance the bloody aspects of the show.

Costumes by Tayla Simpson and the cast could be described as burlesque with a twist of horror. Each character had their own identity, as evidenced through their costumes. However, they all blended and complemented one another in group numbers. Special effect makeup by Georgina Noir was impactful.

Director Liam Donnelly’s use of a host, ’Donalda Evelyn “Don” D-Bauch’ to guide the audience through the evening’s ‘festivities’ helped to create an intimate and almost seductive feel to the show. It was as if the audience were being treated to a private viewing of sinful delights. The transitions between numbers were fast and there was no unnecessary downtime between numbers.

Choreography by Tayla Simpson was weird and wonderful. Each dance number was different and dynamic and the movements complemented both the song and the character that was performing them. A particular standout was the ‘Technologic’ robotic dance number, where a beautiful dancer was plagued by software malfunctions that made her glitch. The number was expertly performed and convincingly robotic, which left audiences wondering if perhaps she was a machine after all.

Another delightfully disconcerting performance was ‘Tip Toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me’ which featured a killer clown gleefully skipping around with her boy toys and a rather large meat cleaver. The juxtaposition between the classic and uplifting song and the action on stage elicited an uneasy feeling from those that watched, especially from the front row. Complemented by the party hats she handed out, the number was wonderfully twisted, to say the least.

The other performances had distinct themes, including a mad scientist, a fallen angel, a witch doctor and even a conjuring from the beyond. Each classic horror theme was explored in this cabaret show.

The cast members were each given the opportunity to shine and their dance abilities were on full display. Each performer was committed to their character and embraced the weird and wonderful themes of the show.

Abadon Production’s ‘My Bloody Valentine’ was a unique mix of horror, sex and dance all wrapped up in a burlesque cabaret. An interesting concept that celebrates classic horror themes and revels in the devilishly seductive dark side.

‘My Bloody Valentine’ perform at The Ron Hurley Theatre until Saturday, 18 February 2023. To purchase tickets, visit TryBooking – ‘My Bloody Valentine’.

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