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HOTA’s Creative Development Program Explores the Elements

Kicking off HOTA’s ‘Home’ Series, ‘Elements’ is one of the first pieces programmed as part of the 15-day line-up and present a stunning artistry display.

Created by Gold Coast artist, Rebecca Ross, from The Walls Art Space, this contemporary visual arts display has been supported by HOTA’s Creative Development Program. ‘Elements’ is a visual experience that positions four contemporary artworks around the HOTA parklands, which interpret the elements of life – Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

In a collaborative effort, the display incorporates Kinly Grey’s visual experience of the element ‘air’, Jordan Azcune’s deep exploration of ‘earth’, the performative exploration of ‘fire’ by Agents of Confusion and Michael Candy’s plunge into the element of ‘water’.

Elements - HOTA
Kinly Grey with their work ‘The Size of Air’

Criena Gehrke, HOTA CEO, said the distinct visual outdoor experience will offer a thought-provoking view of the four classical elements.

“These contemporary artworks invite audiences to explore and engage with the elements in their visual form,” she said.

“It’s led by a brilliant collective of artists and all about experiencing visual arts in the outdoors.”

Kinly Grey places the viewer at the centre of their artworks, often engaging sensory experiences and expanded poetics to explore art as affect. Their outdoor ‘air’ work blurs the lines between natural and man-made environments, constantly shifting the viewer’s position and experience via the changing atmosphere of the work.

With an approach to art that explores notions of utopia, Jordan Azcune digs deep into themes of architecture, the quotidian and larger ideas of optimism in his ‘earth’ artwork.

Elements - HOTA
Jordan Azcune’s ‘A Modest Creation About Ambition’

Fellow Creative Development participants, Adrienne Kenafake and Tessa Bergan of Agents of Confusion, utilise the site’s barbeque to present ‘fire’ through a performative exploration of food, desire and identity – and invite visitors to arrive

Framed by both the lake and the waterways, Gold Coast artist Michael Candy employs new media and sound to examine both ecological and social systems in his work exploring the ‘water’ element.

‘Elements’ is the final showing of HOTA’s 2019 Creative Development Program, which aims to help local artists take risks, experiment and create great art through case and in-kind resource support from HOTA and the City of Gold Coast.  It is a free exhibition that runs from Friday, 29 November to Sunday, 1 December 2019 that coincides with HOTA’s new outdoor series, ‘Home’.

For more information on the visual arts display, visit HOTA’s Website. Alternatively, applications for the 2020 Program open in December 2019 and further information will be available soon.

Press Release supplied by HOTA. 

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