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A Guide to Shows Streaming During Isolation

In a 2016 interview, Eddie Perfect said of Performing Arts:

‘”You have to leave your house… You have to sit next to strangers. You have to put pants on.”

But little could he have imagined enjoying countless productions from the comfort of the couch. In the midst of COVD-19, with theatres closing and ghost lights flickering, the Performing Arts industry is changing. While you can’t visit the theatre, companies all across the world are streaming live to your living room.

With shows spanning numerous art forms and styles, from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals to Mozart operas and Shakespeare plays, there is something to suit every artistic taste. Among the collection are also incredible performances from celebrated stars of stage and screen, including Elaine Paige, Glenn Close, Sarah Brightman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Plácido Domingo, Meryl Streep, Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, Sutton Foster and Australia’s very own Todd McKenney.

For your enjoyment, we’ve comprised a comprehensive list of productions from International and Australian programming and individual live streams.  So despite Perfect’s great advice, for now, don’t leave the house. Definitely don’t sit next to strangers. You don’t even need to put on pants. Just enjoy the incredible art on offer, until we can all meet again for the magic of live theatre. Also, please don’t forget to donate (if you can afford it) and support these amazing companies through difficult times.

International Programming:

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Musicals

Andrew Lloyd Webber has launched ‘The Shows Must Go On’ initiative, streaming a range of different productions from his catalogue.

  • Released: Each Saturday, 4:00 AM AEST (Friday, 7:00 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: 48 hours
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Andrew Lloyd Webber: the Royal Albert Hall Celebration’ (Saturday, 2 May 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: Visit ‘The Shows Must Go On’ YouTube Channel.

Donations can be made via Acting for Others (UK), Broadway Cares (US), Actor’s Benevolent Fund (AUS) or NHS Charities COVID-19 Appeal (UK).

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musicals are Free to Stream on YouTube.

2. National Theatre Live – Plays

 ‘National Theatre at Home’ is a program by National Theatre, who is streaming pro-shots of a vast range of performances during isolation.

  • Released: Each Friday, 4:00 AM AEST (Thursday,  7:00 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: 1 week
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Twelfth Night’ (until 30 April 2020 AEST), ‘Frankenstein’ with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature and Jonny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein (1 May 2020 AEST), ‘Frankenstein’ with Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature and Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein (2 May 2020 AEST), ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ (9 May 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: National Theatre – Discover Theatre (YouTube)

Donations can be made via the National Theatre’s Website.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller as the creature.
Photo sourced from National Theatre.

3. Shakespeare’s Globe – Plays

Shakespeare’s Globe has launched ‘YouTube Premieres’, regularly streaming recordings of their previous Shakespeare productions.

  • Released: Every Second Tuesday at 4:00 AM AEST (Monday, 7:00 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: 13 days,- except starred (*) productions, which are available until schools reopen in the UK
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (until 3 May 2020 AEST), ‘Two Noble Kinsmen’ (5 May 2020 AEST), ‘Macbeth’* (12 May 2020 AEST),  ‘The Winter’s Tale’ (19 May 2020 AEST), ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ (2 June 2020 AEST), ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (16 June 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: YouTube Premieres

Donations can be made on Shakespeares Globe Website.

Shakespeare’s Globe – Streams Live every second Tuesday.
Luke MacGregor and Norah Lopez-Holden in ‘The Winter’s Tale’, Photo sourced from Shakespeare’s Globe.

4. The Metropolitan Opera – Opera

The Metropolitan Opera has released ‘Nightly Met Opera Streams’ – a prolific program of daily opera recordings. Access requires a Met Opera on Demand subscription, but a free trial is available.

  • Released: Daily at 9:30 AM AEST (7:30 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: 23 hours
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Roberto Devereux’ (30 April 2020 AEST), ‘Marnie’ (1 May 2020 AEST), ‘Aida’ (2 April 2020 AEST), ‘Luisa Miller’ (3 May 2020 AEST), ‘Prince Igor’ (4 May 2020 AEST), ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’ (5 May 2020 AEST), ‘Hamlet’ (6 May 2020 AEST), ‘L’ amour de Loin’ (7 May 2020 AEST), ‘Capriccio’ (8 May 2020 AEST), ‘La Bohème’ (9 May 2020 AEST), ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ (11 May 2020 AEST), ‘Pagliacci’ (11 May 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: Met Opera’s Website – ‘Nightly Met Opera Streams’

Donations can also be made through the Met Opera’s Website.

The Metropolitan Opera – Streams performances daily.
dar Abrazakov in ‘Prince Igor’.
Photo sourced from The Metropolitan Opera.

5. Royal Opera House – Opera and Ballet

Royal Opera House is curating ‘Our House To Your House’, a series of Opera and Ballet recordings from previous seasons.

  • Released: Weekly on Saturdays at 4:-00 AM AEST (Friday, 7:00 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: Unspecified, approximately 30 days
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Acis and Galatea’ (until approximately 3 May 2020 AEST),  ‘Così fan Tutte’ (until approximately 10 May 2020 AEST), ‘The Metamorphosis’ (until approximately 17 May 2020 AEST),  ‘Gloriana’ (until approximately 24 April 2020 AEST), ‘The Winter’s Tale’ (2 May 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: Royal Opera House – YouTube

Donations can be made through the Royal Opera House Website.

Opera and ballet performances stream weekly from Royal Opera House.
Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae in ‘The Winter’s Tale’,.
Photo sourced from The Royal Opera.

6. Cirque du Soleil – Circus

Cirque du Soleil is presenting ‘Cirque Connect’, a program of 60-minute episodes with extracts from their international shows.

  • Released: Saturdays at 5:00 AM AEST (Friday, 3:00 PM local time)
  • Upload Length: Indefinite
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Singalong: Alegrìa, Kurios’, Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities, ‘O’, ‘Luzia’, ‘Amaluna, Bazzar, Volta’, ‘Alegría, Kooza, KÀ’ and ‘Zed’
  • Watch Now: Cirque du Soleil Website – ‘Cirque Connect’
The Cast of ‘Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities’. Photo sourced via Cirque du Soleil.

Australian Programming:

1. ‘Digital Season’ by Australian Ballet – Ballet

A new ‘At Home with Ballet’ TV digital season with a hand-picked selection of beloved and inspiring ballets.

  • Released: Every fortnight on Fridays at 5:00 PM AEST
  • Upload Length: Two weeks
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (17 April 2020 AEST) and ‘Cinderella’ (1 May 2020 AEST)
  • Watch Now: Australian Ballet’s Website – TV

Donations to support dance artists can be made on the Australian Ballet Website.

Australian Ballet Digital Series – Streams every fortnight on Friday.
Ingrid Gow and Jill Ogai in ‘Cinderella’, Sourced via The Australian Ballet

2. ‘Digital Season’ by Sydney Opera House – Various

A weekly program of unmissable full-length performances, live recordings and never-before-seen footage from the ‘Opera House’ archives.

  • Released: Daily (Wednesday-Sunday) at varying times
  • Upload Length: Indefinite
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’ (29 April 2020 AEST), ‘Goldberg Variations’ (1 May 2020 AEST),Nooks and Crannies’ (2 May 2020 AEST), ‘Meeting Mozart’, ‘Sarah Blasko’, ‘Missy Higgins’, ‘Dance Rights’, ‘Beethoven Nine’, ‘Handel’s Messiah’, ‘The Wolf and Peter’, ‘Bennelong’
  • Watch Now:  Syndey Opera House Website – Digital Season

Donations can be made on the Sydney Opera House Website.

Sydney Opera House Digital Series – Streams daily Wednesday to Sunday.
Simon Tedeschi in ‘Meeting Mozart’, The Sourced via Sydney Opera House

3. ‘The IsoLate Late Show’ by The Little Red Company – Various Performances

‘The IsoLate Late Show’ is a brand new concept concert in a time of social isolation designed to bring relief to artists across the creative industries.

  • Released: Every Friday at 8:00 PM AEST
  • Upload Length: Indefinite
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘IsoLate Late Show’ (1 May 2020, 8 May 2020, 15 May 2020 AEST – ongoing)
  • Watch Now: Via Facebook lives on ‘The IsoLate Late Show’ Facebook Page

Donations can be made to a Go Fund Me Account – COVID19 Performing Arts Professionals Crisis Fund.

‘The IsoLate Late Show’ by the little red company – Streams Live every Friday.

4. ‘Lights Up on the Arts [Home Delivery]’ by Joshua Robson Productions – Concert

A special and important concert created by James Cutler and Joshua Robson Productions, which serves as a way to shine a light on the arts industry and support performers whose livelihoods have been impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Donations can be made to a Go Fund Me Account – ‘Lights Up on the Arts [Home Delivery]’.

‘Lights Up on The Arts: Home Delivery!’
‘Lights Up on the Arts [Home Delivery’ – Performs Live Monday, 11 May 2020.

5. Arts Centre Melbournes ‘Big Night In with John Foreman’ – Music Performance

‘Big Night In’ is a weekly new musical entertainment show, where John Foreman catches up with some remarkable guests for general chit-chat, songs, and laughs. Arts Centre Melbourne is also streaming other performances via their YouTube account.

Donations can be made through the Arts Centre Melbourne Website.

Arts Centre Melbourne ‘Big Night In with John Foreman’ – Streams Live weekly on Wednesday.

6. ‘Songs for a Future Oz’ – Concert

Music Theatre BA students of Australia join hands to raise money for much-needed industry support and relief. Students representing WAAPA, VCA, Griffith Conservatorium, Elder Conservatorium and FedUni will sing contemporary and classic musical theatre, pop music and even new songs.

All profits raised during the concert will be donated to the National COVID-19 Assist Fund. Visit the Go Fund Me Page to make your donation.

‘Songs for a Future Oz’ – Performing Live Saturday, 2 May 2020.

7. ‘Couplet Poetry Online’ by Queensland Poetry Festival – Readings, Interviews, etc.

Get some poetry in you with ‘Couplet Poetry’ online. This event streamed through Brisbane Libraries, Qld Live Streaming and Queensland Poetry Festival.

Queensland Poetry Festival also hosts other events like #PanaceaPoets. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

‘Couplet Poetry Online’ – Streams the first Friday of every month.

8. Big Fork Theatres Socially Distant Livestream – Improv

Big Fork Theatre shakes up Brisbane’s regular end of the week quarantine plans with Big Fork Fridays – your fresh comedy hit every Friday night from our homes to yours!

  • Released: Every Friday at 7:30 PM AEST
  • Upload Length: Indefinite
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Big Fork Friday’ (1 May 2020, 8 May 2020, 15 May 2020, 22 May 2020, 29 May 2020 AEST – ongoing)
  • Watch Now: Streamed live via Big Fork Theatre’s Facebook Page
Big Fork Theatre – Stream Live every Friday night.

9. ‘Ensemble Conversations’ by Ensemble Theatre – Interviews, Q&A’s and Exclusive Scene Reads

‘Ensemble Conversations’ is a new online series featuring interviews with prominent actors and creatives, exclusive scene reads, interactive Q&A’s and more.

‘Ensemble Conversations’ – Released every Thursday.

10. ‘The Story Chunder’ – Live Stories and Interviews

Every week a new lot of cunning linguists will spew forth their most entertaining stories for your delight or disapproval.

Contributions are encouraged and are split directly with the creatives involved. Visit The Story Chunder’s Website to make a donation.

‘The Story Chunder’ – Streamed Live every Monday via Instagram.

11. ‘ShowTune Tuesday in Isolation’ presented by James Lee and Samara Marinelli – Concert

  • Released: First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM AEST
  • Upload Length: Indefinite
  • Current/Upcoming Shows: ‘Showtunes Tuesday in Isolation’ (5 May 2020, 2 June 2020 – ongoing)
  • Watch Now: Streamed live via ShowTune Tuesday’s Facebook Page

Donations can be made directly to the Actors and Entertainers Benevolent Fund of Queensland Incorporated.

‘ShowTune Tuesday’ – Streamed Live every first Tuesday of the month.

Individual Streams:




Please Note – Streams without an end date have no specified expiry, but may conclude at any time.

Have we missed your live stream in our rundown? Comment below or send us an email and we’ll be happy to add your event to our website. 

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