A new immersive show is taking ‘Shelter’ in Brisbane

A new immersive theatre experience is landing in Brisbane this week.

Submerged below the heart of Brisbane, ‘Shelter’, places a magnifying glass over a 1980’s family in lockdown … but this time, it’s not government-mandated. With an intricate design and powerful performances, ‘Shelter’ tells the story of the Chapman’s and their twisted legacy.

Unlocked in 2021 by Sophia, the latest child in the Chapman line, audiences are led into her family’s once-inhabited bunker. Positioning them as a friend of Sophia Chapman, participant join her as she discovers the truth about where her grandparents are and what really happened to them as they lived out the last of their days.

Through mystery-driven gamification in an immersive theatrical world, the audience can search through nooks and crannies to learn the family’s secrets or watch their story unfold as their strange traditions persist throughout generations.

The multi-award-winning immersive work returns to Brisbane in the mysterious Chapman and Sons Storage Facility right next door to Queensland Theatre. In this experience, the audience witness echoes of the past and are faced with the burning question, ‘How much control do we have over who we become?’.

Brisbane-based director Indiah Morris makes her immersive theatre debut with an all-female production team made up of Roisin Wallace-Nash (Assistant Director) and Scarlett Hughes (Producer). The unique theatrical work was conceived from isolation and inspired by the team’s relationship with structure and control in quarantine.

Devised fresh out of Queensland lockdown, the ensemble of talented young artists include Lola Bond, Oscar O’Brien, Haydn Imhoff, Bridget Webb and Keely Woods.

‘Shelter’ is The Drawer Productions’ answer to identity, family, and the lengths we go to, to stay in control. The production won the Brisbane Immersive Award for Best Immersive Production and the Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2021.

‘Shelter’ performs from 11-14 November 2021. Tickets range between $30-$40 and are available via Eventbrite’s website

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