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A Western Wonder Returns this New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve, journey back to the wild frontiers of 1883 America. Brisbane Immersive Ensemble presents a brand new iteration of their acclaimed event, “Saloon on NYE”, promising attendees a night filled with mystery, music, and immersive theatre.

Upon entering the charming venue of Mr. Badgers & The Copacabana Club, located at 24 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, guests will be transported into a real-life Westworld experience. The atmosphere is anticipated to be electric with cards, dice, and the exquisite performances of the Fresno Follies dancers.

But amidst the festivities, a twist awaits. A wanted criminal lurks amongst the town’s hustlers and dancers. With the clock ticking down to midnight, can the guests join forces and uncover the culprit?

Intriguingly, a lone Ranger is also on a mission. Recent mysterious disappearances have plagued the area. Could Death Valley be responsible, or is there a more sinister force at play? A few peculiar characters, including an outlaw on the run, a snake oil salesman, a sultry singer, and a dubious doctor, might hold the answers.

The event promises a myriad of activities and features. For the ticket price of $99+fees, attendees will be treated to a drink upon arrival, a spread of large canapés & pizzas, and the enchanting live music of the Henry James Folk band. Alongside the main narrative, sideshow games and other activities ensure an action-packed evening.

Founded on principles of interactive and immersive theatre, Brisbane Immersive Ensemble specializes in crafting events where attendees can step back in time, interact with performers, and even influence the storyline. The ensemble boasts a cast of dedicated performers, using site-specific theatre techniques and a meticulous attention to detail to craft their immersive worlds. Xanthe Jones serves as the Artistic Director of the ensemble, with Ben Lynskey holding the position of Company Director.

Those wishing to join this wild ride can purchase tickets from Eventbrite. So, for those ready to saddle up and dive into a captivating wild western tale, the Saloon on NYE awaits!

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