The Play Haus

Play Haus Podcast was an arts and entertainment podcast that opened the costume box and unravelled all the goodies of the industry. The show featured discussions about issues that were important to artists, as well as tips and tricks from professionals. There are currently no plans to renew Play Haus Podcast for a second season.

Hosting: Brooke Edwards and Chelsea August
Talent Acquisition: Juliette Ebert
Scripting: Priya Shah
Producing/Editing: Elodie Boal
Producing/Editing: Sophie Price
Marketing: Ella O’Brien

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Your Podcast Hosts

Brooke Edwards

Brooke is a theatre enthusiast from the Gold Coast, halfway through her Master of Secondary Teaching. When she’s not in a theatre, she’s probably in Disneyland, planning a trip to Disneyland, or talking about Disneyland.
Fun fact – Brooke’s first musical was ‘Greece is the Word’ (not ‘Grease’, ‘Greece’).

Chelsea August

Chelsea is an emerging performer, director and playwright. Her aim is to focus on topics that society face daily, even on world subjects that can sometimes be unnoticed including the social, political and cultural issues in today’s society. Just don’t celebrate her success with balloons as she has a fear of them.