The Brisbane Bunch

In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Theatre Haus introduced a creative and uplifting initiative – The Brisbane Bunch. This innovative game show, designed to support and showcase Brisbane’s performing arts scene, was a beacon of light in challenging times. Broadcast live on Facebook, it connected the community and provided much-needed entertainment during the isolation period.

The Brisbane Bunch, with its lively Sunday afternoon vibe, blended live and pre-recorded segments, featuring games, live chats, and diverse performances from the arts sector. Its debut on 21 June 2020 was a landmark moment, showcasing top local talents like musical theatre star Carly Bettinson, vocalist Stephanie Long, actor Peter Wood, and the Melbourne Comedy Festival group The Boyos Shindig. The show was expertly hosted by the multi-talented Michael Nunn, an actor, director, and performer.  This digital production not only entertained but also kept the spirit of Brisbane’s arts alive during one of history’s most challenging periods.

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