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‘Raven On’ // Act/React

‘Raven On’ is gratifying.

Brace yourselves for a hilarious romp through one woman’s obsession with ‘Game of Thrones’ in ‘Raven On’ at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Self-styled “Mother of Kittens” Natalie Bochenski takes the audience on a passionate, frenetic journey through the worldwide smash hit television show ‘Games of Thrones’ and her obsessive devotion to Jon Snow (but not Kit Harrington – that distinction was made clear).  Bochenski lays out her credentials as an expert on this topic with a home-movie slideshow of her visits to filming locations and brushes with celebrity.

To welcome the audience at the top of the show, the ‘GoT’ iconic theme music is played out by Bochenski, in her Daenerys Targaryen cosplay and with more props than a Shakespearean revival. Highlighting her other obsessions – like her foster kittens and Toto’s hit song ‘Africa’ – mixed with many of the tv-series references, Bochenski weaves together her own brand of humour in this must-see show for every ‘GoT’ fan.

For the few people in Brisbane who haven’t seen all seven seasons, Bochenski expertly presents a Recap Rap – a fast-paced rhyming extravaganza complete with perfectly timed screen captures, covering the highlights of the seven aired seasons in about two minutes.  It doesn’t stop there as Bochenski shares her excitable opinions about characters, plots, intrigues and heartbreaks with a warmth and honesty that is delightful and engaging.

Her geeky confessions and fan-girl mishaps find the balance in relating to the audience without being awkward and uncomfortable.  Her energy is breathless and candid, creating a feeling of having a long-awaited catch up with an old friend.

The one-hour show features her own fan fiction, spoilers and theories, an appropriate level of audience participation (including character impersonations and an epic sword fight) and the most insightful reflective essay on exactly why she is obsessed with Jon Snow.

The intimate space created by the Comedy Festival team within the Brisbane Room at City Hall was perfectly arranged in cabaret seating and it was refreshing that Bochenski only used the microphone when performing over music, giving the show a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Bochenski weaves storytelling, perfectly selected visuals and accessories, comic timing and ‘GoT’ references effortlessly together, all while dealing with a pesky AV remote, creating a highly entertaining insight into the world of a pop-culture fan that was all too familiar.  

‘Raven On’ is the perfect pre-season entrée for all ‘GoT’ devotees and a fun night out with the Comedy Festival.

‘Raven On’ performs at the Brisbane Comedy Festival until Sunday, 17 March 2019.  For tickets, visit

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