Carmouflage Rose - Brisbane Festival

‘Carmouflage Rose’ // Brisbane Festival

‘Carmouflage Rose’ was rocking. 

Showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re working the stage at ‘Groovin the Moo’, reworking a Kanye West classic for Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’, or playing at the Brisbane Festival, a true artist is comfortable anywhere. Filling the Courier-Mail’s Spiegeltent with his signature sound, the same one that sent his track ‘Late Nights’ to gold on the ARIA charts, Larry Herrington (better known to his fans as ‘Carmouflage Rose’)  brought his incandescent music to bear and rocked a very passionate crowd. 

‘Carmouflage Rose’ has an infectious energy, exuding positivity in almost every moment of his set. At times the Zimbabwe-born, Brisbane raised musician showed immense strength and grace by not being afraid to share his hopes and fears with his hometown audience.  Herrington shared his excitement to be home after a long tour. It was clear that this show was symbolic for him, after beginning his Australian tour in early September and visiting a new capital city every Friday and Saturday night since. He expressed his eagerness to end his tour in the place his career began. ‘Carmouflage Rose’ was especially excited to be playing his last show of the tour in front of his family and friends, making special mention of his mother dancing it up with the crowd. 

Every song carried with it a unique sound, mood, and meaning. It is so important to note that while many people in the industry begin to sound repetitive after a time, ‘Carmouflage Rose’ has found a way to keep each and every song fresh and interesting. He should be commended on his ability to engage his audience. Often encouraging people to move with him and feel the music, it is very clear that he has a passion for his fans. During his show, he invited people to dance onstage and even joined his fans on the dance floor.

The Spiegeltent gives off a vibrant circus vibe, and, taking full advantage of the atmosphere, ‘Carmouflage Rose’ put on a captivating show. From the colourful and everchanging lighting design to the way he jumped and bounced around the stage with his fans, it was obvious that ‘Carmouflage Rose’ leaves nothing in the tank when he does a show. Something that cannot be said of many of his peers. 

‘Carmouflage Rose’ closed out his Australian Tour with an absolute bang! Audiences should get along to any of his local shows before he takes off on his next tour. It is easy to say that ‘Carmouflage Rose’ smashed his set in the Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, and really, who would expect anything else from a boy raised in Brisbane and comfortably returning to his hometown. 

For more information about shows on at the Brisbane Festival, visit the Brisbane Festival’s Website.

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