Matilda Awards 2019

Brisbane creatives shine bright in 2019 Matilda Awards

The best and brightest of Brisbane and its surrounding theatre communities gathered on Monday night for the 2019 Matilda Awards to celebrate at Queensland’s premier awards for performing arts.

Held at the Brisbane Powerhouse, nominated cast and crew members, as well as loyal audience members, enjoyed a tightly presented and entertaining show directed by Zoe Tuffin.

Hosted by the fabulous Barbara Lowing and Louise Bremher, whose infectious love for performance practitioners in Queensland buoyed the evening, the audience delighted in the diverse personalities of the presenters and award winners.  Other presenters included Penny Challen, Natano Fa’anana, Kate Wild and Pip Boyce.

Throughout the evening, the women of Babushka and the onstage band, all under the musical direction of Alicia Cush, delighted and surprised the audience with musical interludes welcoming each presenter and award winner, providing an irreverent and cheeky tone to the event, without ever skimping on the sophistication.  Additional performances were provided by Garrett Lyon, Emma Aitchison from Vulcana and the “Killer Queens” of Oscar Theatre Company.

Special mention was made by Panel Chair Elise Grieg of the incredible contribution of the independent arts sector, as well as the major theatre companies, to the success of the night, and the “never give up” spirit of the Queensland theatre community.

The Matilda Awards were started in 1987 by theatre reviewers Alison Cotes and Sue Gough to recognise and promote the excellence of Queensland’s theatre industry.  With categories recognising the best achievements amongst mainstage and independent productions, the public ceremony invites all members of the theatre community to attend.

The current judging panel is made up of critics, commentators and others who demonstrate expert knowledge of the industry in Queensland.  Companies can register a show on the Matilda Awards website to be considered for nomination by the Matilda committee.  The judging panels’ tireless efforts resulted in a surprising evening of award winners who represented a wide range of genders, cultural backgrounds, sexual identities and styles of theatre and design.

Theatre Haus congratulates all nominees and winners who truly make Queensland a desirable destination for the performing arts.

A full list of winners is included below.

Recipients and Nominees of the 2019 Matilda Awards

2019 Gold Matilda Award – Shake & Stir

Inaugural Emerging Female Leader Award – Emily Wells
Also shortlisted were Kate Malone and Laura Hansford.

Backstage Award Winner – Tanya Malouf

Best Video Design – Craig Wilkinson (video) and Jon Weber (illustrations), ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC)
Also nominated, Justin Harrison, ‘Fangirls; (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Belvoir in association with ATYP),  Freddy Komp, ‘Tower of Babel’ (Baran Theatre at Metro Arts) and Nathan Sibthorpe and Jeremy Gordon, ‘Statum’ (Flipside Circus and Counterpilot in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse).

Best Lighting Design – Geoff Squires, ‘Inside Out’ (Tammy Zarb and Company)
Also nominated, Tom Wright, ‘Tectonic’ (Dancenorth at Bleach*), Ben Hughes, ‘L’Appartement’ (Queensland Theatre) and David Walters, ‘Net of Souls’ (The Boxties and QPAC).

Best Sound Design/Composition – Luke Smiles (design) and Anna Whitaker (associate), ‘Throttle’ (The Farm at Bleach*)
Also nominated, Guy Webster, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC), Guy Webster, ‘Inside Out’ (Tammy Zarb and Company) and Guy Webster, ‘Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts’ (La Boite and Shake & Stir).

Best Costume Design – Libby McDonnell, ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ (Opera Queensland and Circa)
Also nominated, Leah Shelton, ‘Bitch on Heat’ (Leah Shelton at Brisbane Festival), Josh McIntosh, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC) and Anthony Spinaze, ‘Death of a Salesman’ (Queensland Theatre).

Best Set Design – Josh McIntosh, ‘Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts’ (Shake & Stir and La Boite)
Also nominated, Caroline Delore, ‘When the World was Wide ‘(Camerata and QPAC), Josh McIntosh, ‘Jane Eyre’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC) and Josh McIntosh, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC).

Best Director – Daniel Evans, ‘Cinderella’ (QPAC and Myths Made Here)
Also, nominated, Jason Klarwein, ‘Death of a Salesman’ (Queensland Theatre), Ross Balbuziente, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC) and Paige Rattray, ‘Fangirls’ (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Belvoir in association with ATYP).

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role –Susie French, ‘Girl’s Guide to World War’ (Musical Theatre Australia)
Also nominated, Kathryn Marquet, ‘Magpie’ (Playlab, Metro Arts and e.g.), Kimberley Hodgson, ‘Fangirls’ (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Belvoir in association with ATYP), and Marika Marrosszeky, ‘Savage in Limbo’ (Big Scary Animal).

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role – Thomas Larkin, ‘Death of a Salesman’ (Queensland Theatre)
Also nominated, Pacharo Mzembe, ‘L’Appartement’ (Queensland Theatre), Michael Mandalios, ‘Magpie’ (Playlab, Metro Arts and e.g.), and Jackson McGovern, ‘Death of a Salesman’ (Queensland Theatre).

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role – Amy Ingram, ‘Cinderella’ (QPAC and Myths Made Here)
Also nominated, Helen O’Leary, ‘The Confabulator’ (Helen O’Leary), Nelle Lee, ‘Jane Eyre’ (Shake & Stir and QPAC), and Kate Wilson, ‘The Revisionist’ (Refraction Theatre).

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role – Richard Lund, ‘Kelly’ (Ad Astra)
Also nominated, Thomas Larkin, ‘Cinderella’ (QPAC and Myths Made Here), Tama Matheson, ‘When the World was Wide’ (Camerata and QPAC), and Bryan Probets, ‘Hydra’ (Queensland Theatre and SA Theatre Company).

Bille Brown Award for Best Emerging Artist – Gina Tay Limpus in ‘The Tempest and La Silhouette’
Also nominated, Sui Ensemble in ‘La Silhouette’,  Ella Macrokanis in ‘Daddy Long Legs’, and Michael Mandalios in ‘Magpie’ and ‘The Revisionist’.

Best Circus of Physical Theatre Work – ‘Inside Out (Tammy Zarb and Company)
Also nominated, ‘Tectonic’ (Dancenorth), ‘Throttle’ (The Farm), and ‘You & I’ (Casus Circus).

Best Independent Production -‘La Silhouette’ (Sui Ensemble)
Also nominated, ‘Kelly’ (Ad Astra), ‘Throttle’ (The Farm) and ‘A Girl’s Guide to World War’ (Musical Theatre Australia).

Best Musical or Cabaret – ‘Fangirls’ (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Belvoir in association with ATYP)
Also nominated, ‘Yank!; (Understudy Productions), ‘Daddy Long Legs’ (Passion Productions), and ‘When the World Was Wide’ (Camerata and QPAC).

Best Mainstage Production – ‘Death of a Salesman’ (Queensland Theatre)
Also nominated, ‘Fangirls’ (Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Festival and Belvoir in association with ATYP), ‘L’Appartement’ (Queensland Theatre), and ‘Cinderella’ (QPAC and Myths Made Here).

The Lord Mayor’s Award for Best New Australian Work – ‘A Girl’s Guide to World War’ by Katy Forde (Book and lyrics) and Aleathea Monsour (Composer)
Also nominated, ‘La Silhouette’ by Sui Ensemble, ‘When The World Was Wide’ by Tama Matheson, and ‘Reagan Kelly’ by Lewis Treston.

Photography – Matilda Awards

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