If Musicals were Cocktails...

If Musicals Were Cocktails…

If there is one thing most creatives have in common, it is an inexcusable love of a cold alcoholic beverage after a long day’s rehearsal. While that may not hold true for all places around the world, in Australia a “coldie” is a staple in anyone’s diet. To celebrate National Beverage Day, the minds of Theatre Haus have mixed a number of cocktails with a musical of choice. 

Midori Sour (‘Wicked’)

Is there really any other way to start this list than with a Midori Sour? It’s the ultimate drink for those wanting a little magic in their lives, and consequently, it’s a popular choice for fans of ‘Wicked’. In the last decade, ‘Wicked’ has held its place as one of the highest-grossing Broadway shows, second only to ‘The Lion King’ who’s cocktail is coming right up!. For those unfamiliar, ‘Wicked’ follows the unfortunate story of a young witch, born green, who falls prey to a superficial and sour populace.

A Midori Sour takes green liquor, adds a splash of vodka, lemon and lime juice, and tops it all off with some soda water. Such a mix will surely have you defying gravity.

Tequila Sunrise (‘The Lion King’)

When you think of ‘The Lion King’ do you automatically picture the rising sun in the opening scene? Well, with this cheeky cocktail there is no need to be up at the break of dawn for your own personal sunrise. In ‘The Lion King’, Simba, a well-meaning lion cub,  learns his place in the African savannah in this family classic. So let’s raise our glasses to the new King of the Jungle with this upbeat and celebratory beverage.

A Tequila Sunrise is a simple blend of tequila, orange juice and a splash of grenadine syrup. It’s a no worries sort of drink, so Hakuna Matata. 

Tequila Sunrise


Black Martini (‘Grease’)

As black as grease and with a name that hints at the fabulous Marty, the Black Martini is a perfect fit for our ‘Grease’ lovers. Leaving you a-wop-bop-a-loo-bopping, we highly recommend you hide the car keys after your first sip because boy does it speed down the back of your throat.

Black Martini’s have a shot of vodka, Chambord, and black Sambuca. It’s best served with a slice of lemon and some ice for the burn.

Whiskey Old Fashioned (‘Hamilton’)

While this choice may be considered a  bit of a stretch in the pairing department, we think it’s an apt choice – historically of course. Set in the 1770s, ‘Hamilton’  follows a soon-to-be-Founding Father of the United States of America on his journey through politics and life. We’re talking about a time before the prohibition before cocktails had their heyday. 

Whiskey Old Fashioned is, as the name suggests, old school and delightfully simplistic. A teaspoon of sugar, a few dashes of bitters, and orange to garnish. Oh and don’t throw away that one shot Whiskey – it’ll leave you feeling amazing, and you’ll astonish your friends with your new fancy cocktail.

Cocktail - Whiskey Old Fashioned
Whiskey Old Fashioned

Death by Chocolate (‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’) 

A child’s adventure story or a horrific murder mystery? Regardless, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ has even the bitterest adults reaching for a Mars bar.  The musical follows a young boy who wins a lucky ticket to visit a chocolate factory run by an imaginative chocolatier. You’ll also feel like you’ve struck gold when you mix your sweet tooth with your drinking habit. 

Perhaps the sweetest of them all, Death by Chocolate mixes together creme de cacao, Irish cream liqueur, maraschino liqueur, and some chocolate ice cream. If you’re feeling extra Veruca Salt, add some vodka. 

Bloody Mary (‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’)

Feeling fancy or fancy a shave? The most elaborate scheme to raise up a failing business is best matched with an even more elaborate cocktail. Like ‘Sweeney Todd’ himself, you’ll want to murder your way through several Bloody Mary’s.

Just take a wedge of lemon and lime, a shot of vodka, a splash of tomato juice, tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, a stick of celery, and a pinch of salt and paprika. Voila – you have the demon cocktail of drink street. 

Cocktail - Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary


Ginger Maple Bourbon (‘Into the Woods’)


I wish… for a wood-like-cocktail… so here it is! Ginger Maple Bourbon is the modern twist and alcoholic equivalent of the infamous mash-up of fairytales. You won’t be in the wrong story with this one, but you may need to put your feet up and lose the shoe. Not to mention, it’s strong enough to lift any curse!

The Ginger Maple Bourbon cocktail includes a splash of lime juice (or more), a shot of bourbon, a dab of maple syrup (or more), cold ginger beer, and a slice of lime for garnish. 

Blue Lagoon (Mamma Mia!)

Wishing you were by the sea? On an island somewhere in the sun? Well, Mamma Mia is not all soap opera drama and questionable harmonies. The Greek setting of this smash-hit musical is also the inspiration for our next Summer fling. And the cocktail will leave you dancing like a Queen!

Blue Lagoon requires a simple shot of blue curacao and vodka, some fresh lemonade, tonnes of ice, and a fruit of your choice for garnish. Honey, Honey!

Blue Lagoon

Daiquiri (‘Frozen: The Musical’)

Feeling cold-hearted? Let it go. The popular Daiquiri cocktail will take you on a ‘Frozen’ adventure. Better yet, if you have two, you’ll be stumbling “into the unknown” or bed, either one.

A Daiquiri, or even better, a Frozen Daiquiri is white like snow and fresh as an Idina Menzel high note. This masterpiece includes three shots of white rum, one shot of lime juice, two tsp of sugar, and plenty of crushed ice. 

Espresso Martini (‘Waitress’)

How else does an adult get through the day? Coffee. There’s no rest for the working class, and just like Jenna from ‘Waitress’, our team at Theatre Haus won’t say no to an espresso. Add the martini for an extra boost!

To bake a beautiful Espresso Martini, combine a large shot of vodka, a small shot of coffee liqueur, as much espresso as you need, some ice cubes and coffee beans for decoration. All it takes is a taste to dream the night away and work through the night shift.

Espresso Martini

Happy National Beverage Day! Stay tuned for future editions of “If Musicals Were Cocktails”! Better yet, do you have any cocktail recommendations?

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