The Naked Magicians

‘The Naked Magicians’ // The Tivoli

‘The Naked Magicians’ was magic. 

What do you get when you cross David Copperfield, Magic Mike and some great Aussie banter? Well, the pure magic that is ‘The Naked Magicians’ of course.

Returning to Brisbane after a long-awaited hiatus caused largely by COVID-19, the dynamic comedy duo of Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are back to trick, tease and treat willing and enthusiastic audience members. Delighting crowds with this magical interpretation, ‘The Naked Magicians’ had everything from sleight of hand to illusion and prediction to penetration (seriously it’s a type of magic trick, look it up). 

In this production, all cards were dealt, laid on the table and bared for all to see. Having toured on a whirlwind adventure around the world, with residency in Las Vegas and a season on West End, ‘The Naked Magicians’ is one of the naughtiest and most comical R-Rated magic shows. As the name suggests, it stars magicians who get naked to perform a variety of tricks that make their clothes slowly disappear. Ultimately, it reveals a lot more than just a white rabbit in a top hat. 

Leading the show, Wayne and Tyler are natural-born comedians. Their ability to command an audience with improvisation, stand-up skits and stories made for a charismatic and entertaining evening. Even without any sleeves, tricks were mastered effortlessly as attention was drawn around the stage, especially when clothes came off. 

The Naked Magicians
Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are ‘The Naked Magicians’.

A highlight of the production saw a homage to all the classic magic tricks like toy doves appearing from red handkerchiefs and magician flash paper. Another great moment saw both Wayne and Tyler escape from straitjackets like the great Houdini. An enjoyable climax was the knife, target board and card trick, which left the audience agog. As did the snowstorm confetti ‘big finish’ set to music by Celine Dion. 

Like any magic show, ‘The Naked Magicians’ relied heavily on audience interaction, and the boys left Brisbane wanting more. Even when eager audience-picked magical assistants attempted to derail the production with their keenness or heckling, the fast wit of both Wayne and Tyler handled the participants with masterful style. 

‘The Naked Magicians’ is surprising, show-stopping, and, most importantly, sexy. Proving that magic is still cool for grown-ups, Brisbane, don’t miss your chance to witness some remarkable acts in a night of pure adult entertainment. Book your tickets quickly or they’ll disappear faster than Houdini himself.

‘The Naked Magicians’ was scheduled to perform until Sunday, 8 August at The Tivoli as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival, however, lockdown restrictions have impacted performances. Head to Redcliffe Entertainment Centre to book tickets to their Homecoming Tour on Saturday, 28 August 2021. Or visit their website for more information.

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  1. Loved this review Elodie … you sum up the show really well. If you’ve never seen these guys, and you get a chance to do so, seize it. You won’t be sorry. Laughter’s the best medicine … and sexy magic delivers heaps.

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