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Gabrielle Nankivell announced as choreographer number ‘THREE’ 

Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) recently announced Gabrielle Nankivell  as the third visionary choreographer for their March production of ‘THREE’. 

After its phenomenal premiere in May 2021, ‘THREE’ returns from Wednesday, 16 March 2022, with a trio of new works showcasing the versatility of the ADC company artists.

Gabrielle Nankivell 

Nankivell joins much-loved Queensland dancer and choreographer, Kate Harman and award-winning Sydney-based choreographer and filmmaker, Cass Mortimer Eipper, in the compelling triple bill.

Nankivell will work alongside long-time musical collaborator Luke Smiles for her piece which explores bodies as collective sites of knowledge and archive, and the transmutation of memory over time.

“Caught in the wake of this time spent somewhat suspended – mid-life in a world more precarious, and perhaps still, than we have ever experienced it,” Nankivell says, “I find my research circling territories of individual story, collective hope and the delight and heartache of creative labour.

“While the work itself is yet to arrive, I imagine I will find it afloat lived experience of the people who make it. Hovering on the edge of light and dark – like an aperture, or aeons, or maybe simply astronauts adrift.”

Nankivell has enjoyed a celebrated dance and choreographic career and her performances have been widely presented across Australia, Europe and Asia. She has created works for Sydney Dance Company, Dancenorth, Frontier Danceland Singapore and Queensland Ballet and ADC’s collaboration ‘Carbon Field, which featured 40 dancers.

ADC Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, says Nankivell’s works are fresh, unique and utterly absorbing.

”I have long been a fan of Gabrielle both as a performer and as a creator and director. She is intuitive and collaborative, creating works that are utterly absorbing,” Hollingsworth says.

“She is such a unique artist – she constantly surprises me with each of her creations. Her choreographic voice is fresh, each piece she produces being simultaneously exquisitely crafted and powerful.”

Nankivell can’t wait to get into the studio and “conjure” a piece with the exceptionally talented ADC company artists.

“My creative connection with ADC, Amy and quite a few of the performers has grown out of a number of previous projects and many years of crossing paths. It’s lovely to be invited back to this shared experience through ‘THREE. I’m excited to hit the studio and see what kind of artistic adventure we’ll conjure together,” she says.

A curated collection of commissions from makers with different and distinct voices, ‘THREE gives audiences three unique offerings and personifies ADC’s commitment to producing new and invigorating Australian dance works – works that create connection and spark conversation.

“It is wonderful to see these three brilliant independent makers creating original work with the ADC company artists,” Hollingsworth says.

“They have such range as makers which really showcases the skill and versatility of our dancers. We are proud of the platform that ‘THREE offers – it exemplifies our commitment to supporting and cultivating the strength of shared artistic energies and likeminded individuals to create an evening of artistic excellence.

Our inaugural ‘THREE ‘ was a show which will remind you what it feels like to be human – to be alive” and ‘THREE’ 2022 is set to be just as extraordinary.

‘THREE’ will play at the Playhouse, QPAC from Wednesday, 16 March – Saturday 19 March 2022. Tickets can be purchased through the QPAC website

Press release provided by Australasian Dance Collective. 

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