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‘Liminal’ launches on ADC’s Digital Suite

Australasian Dance Collective is thrilled to unveil ‘Liminal’, a digital work available for online viewing.

Presented on ADC’s Digital Suite, which is a bespoke collection of works commissioned for the digital space, ‘this stunning dance film can be watched from the comfort of the audiences home.

Created alongside and in tandem with ‘Limbic’, a performance work set to premiere as part ADC’s season of ‘THREE’ in March, the film follows a young woman as she explores her embodied self.

Both ‘Liminal’ and ‘Limbic’ are products of a collaboration between Australasian Dance Collective and multidisciplinary artist and award-winning director and choreographer Cass Mortimer Eipper. Speaking of the piece, Eipper, described the dancer’s experiences with self-exploration.

“She’s drawn into the world of others and discovers herself navigating the interplay of self and sociality,” said Eipper.

“Betwixt and between the threat and the promise of becoming one among many, she comes to terms with how she can co-exist with something beyond her own being. Venturing further and further, she pivots into the person from whom she departed.”

Creating for both stage and film, Mortimer Eipper has presented work throughout Australia, Europe, India and the U.S.A. He has worked with and performed works by Rafael Bonachela, Gideon Obarzanek, Alexander Ekman, Jacopo Godani, Francis Rings, Lightfoot Leon, Andonis Foniadakis, Natalie Weir and William Forsythe.

‘Liminal’ was filmed on location in Brisbane at the Old Museum.

This new offering speaks to a cornerstone of ADC’s artistic vision, in reimagining performance spaces and mediums. Artistic Director Amy Hollingsworth has committed to commissioning multiple iteration works that originate from the same creative heart to find new ways to connect with audiences. Hollingsworth spoke of Eipper’s experience and dedication to dance.

“As a multidisciplinary artist, Cass Mortimer Eipper’s range of skills make him a sought-after creator,” said Hollingsworth.

“Cass inherently understands ADC’s vision for redefining our boundaries and reimagining how we connect with audiences.”

Eipper’s awards include Global Short Film Awards Cannes: Best Dance Film for ‘Brute’; Helpmann Award: Most Outstanding Male Dancer for his performance in William Forsythe’s ‘Quintett’; Rome International Choreography Competition: Most Outstanding Performance for his work ‘Solo 1.5’; and Stuttgart International Dance Festival: 3rd prize for his performance in Emma Sandall’s ‘bodysong’.

Additionally, Eipper’s choreographic commissions include Sydney Dance Company, Milwaukee Ballet, West Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet, Australasian Dance Collective, Trey McIntyre Projects, Transit Dance Company, Link Dance Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian dance/media company, Ludwig, of which he was co-director.

Premiering today, Liminal will be available for purchase and viewing through ADC’s Digital Suite.

For more information and to watch ‘Liminal’, visit Australasian Dance Collective’s website. 

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