A very odd evening for Brisbane this weekend

This weekend, enjoy a very odd evening indeed, with a show by a pair of celebrated local musicians, performing as part of a diverse and exciting cabaret festival.

Tyrone and Lesley are Brisbane’s own award-winning ukulele and double bass duo, having played their music all over Australia, the UK and New Zealand. A distinctive combination of the little and large, they are now bringing their new show, ‘String: an Odd Evening with Tyrone and Lesley’ to Metro Arts for the Queensland Cabaret Festival. A one night only, peculiar night for all to enjoy.

Though they feel like they may have been born in the wrong era, Tyrone and Lesley bring their audiences light music for dark times, including original tunes drawn from their 20-year collaboration, as well as premiering new songs from the forthcoming album ‘String’.

It’s very… Brisbane.

The show’s concert visuals are sourced from a mysterious box of vintage slides from 1950s Brisbane. Who took these photographs? It’s a known unknown, but they’re beautiful – a significant accompaniment to Tyrone and Lesley’s inimitable originals.

Tyrone and Lesley are award-winning playwright/musician/performer David Megarrity, and virtuoso bassist Samuel Vincent, recipients of the Johnny Dennis Music Award and whose last album was dubbed Ukulele Recording of the Year (ukulelehunt). Their concert visuals are assembled by Nathan Sibthorpe.

The subtlety behind each and every well-chosen note, the way the instruments braid themselves together, the clever intricacies in the timing and dynamics are sublime. There’s so much space in this music, so much understated sophistication. Indeed, so much goes unsaid, it speaks volumes.
Uke Magazine (UK)

Experience the refinement, alignment and entwinement of ‘String: an Odd Evening with Tyrone and Lesley’ with tickets available from the Metro Arts website. With only one performance as part of the Queensland Cabaret Festival – 7pm on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

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