Bee ready, a swarm is coming!

Acclaimed Australian visual-design masterminds Dead Puppet Society is bringing a bespoke new installation to West Village this May as part of its popular Village Bees – a precinct-wide celebration of all things bees.

Created especially for West Village, where natural and urban worlds collide, Swarm is a sprawling, open-air installation combining hand-crafted sculpture with dazzling technological effects, inviting visitors to admire the individual and collective beauty of Australia’s native bee species while reflecting upon the coexistence of humans within the natural environment.

The artwork features over two thousand miniature bee sculptures, each one laser-cut from polished brass and assembled by hand in Dead Puppet Societys’ signature style. Each bee has individually posed legs, antennae and wings, and are artfully arranged throughout West Village’s Mollison Park, nesting on surfaces high and low and foraging near garden beds and water sources.

Every night after sunset from 6 – 29 May, West Village’s Fig Grove will be transformed by thousands of animated LED pixels illuminating the night. Accompanied by beautiful original music, the 360° light and sound experience depicts the magnificent swarm of bees taking flight.

Matt Seery, Dead Puppet Society’s Associate Creative Director, said Swarm is a heartfelt tribute to nature’s tiny pollinators.

“Swarm encourages visitors to observe the beauty in the little details; the small acts of daily life as the bees work and nest in their natural habitat, before being enfolded in a thrilling light and sound experience as the swarm soars.

“The closer you look, the more you’ll find.”

West Village Project Executive Director Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Megan Barron said West Village was once again delighted to partner with Dead Puppet Society to put the focus on these remarkable creatures and the critical role they play in contributing to our global food supply.

One of Australia’s most ground-breaking production houses, critically acclaimed nationally and internationally for their innovative design-led theatre, Dead Puppet Society launched its Activation offering in 2020, bringing the company’s laser-cut artefacts, installations and open-air performances into public spaces and events. Swarm is the latest activation offering following Hive Mind and The Bee Lantern, all bespoke installations for West Village.

To find out more about Swarm or to book tickets visit the Dead Puppet Society website.

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