Law and order go Victorian

Fans of Law and Order are rejoicing on the streets of Melbourne today with the announcement of an “hilarious and… truly unique Melbourne comedy”’s return to the stage this year.

The guy with his feet on the seats. The woman who litters on the train. The teenager who fails to
produce a valid concession card. These are just a few of the violent offenders Victoria’s brave authorised
officers encounter on trains and trams every day.

In the Victorian public transport system, fare evading offences are considered especially heinous. In
Melbourne, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite
squad known as the Authorised Ticket Inspectors. These are their stories.

Sevenfold Theatre Company is bringing back its much-loved sketch comedy show ‘Law and Order:
PTV’, after a sold-out season in 2021. It’s combination of dance, music, comedy, and metro
announcements promise to have audiences in stitches, in what the producer describes as an “unforgettable public transport

Just don’t forget to touch on! Or you may be the receiver of a fine yourself!

The 2022 season will see new officers boarding the train, with performers Kyle Cuthbert, Kiara Ariza Stellato Pledger, Zoë Harlen, Sian Crowe, Tam Dahmen, Tom Costigan, and Asher Griffith-Jones joining the team.

Fae O’Toole and Zachary Dixon met whilst studying at Federation University Arts Academy, and have been collaborating as writer and director, respectively, since the show was first performed in 2019.

“Fae…has written an intricate, ridiculous, and hilarious script…[it] is a love letter to Dan Andrews and the tragic farse that Victoria’s Public Transport System can be.”, notes Dixon.

Sevenfold Theatre Company is an ensemble of artists who aim to nurture an artistic network by
seeking young artists, directors and writers to build a community that produces and elevates new works and adaptations. Reviewers have noted that, “There are few things better in theatre than fresh, original comedy done well, and it is done very well in Law & Order PTV.”

For more information about their season visit the Sevenfold Theatre Company Facebook page.

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