Theatresports Grand Championships Begins!

The Brisbane Comedy Festival will culminate in a tournament of quick wits and theatrical derring-do on Sunday 29 May with the Theatresports Grand Championships.

Presented by ImproMafia, Brisbane’s veteran impro specialists, the competition will see the best of the best local improvisers – Team Queensland – take on a combined team of out-of-town challengers – Team Southerners – on the Powerhouse main stage.

“We are thrilled to once again be invited to be one of the final shows at the festival,” said ImproMafia President Wade Robinson.

“To celebrate, we’re bringing a motley crew of champions from Melbourne, Sydney, and New Zealand to the Sunshine State to battle it out for onstage supremacy.”

For the uninitiated, Theatresports involves teams being challenged to perform various scenes or “games” which incorporate audience suggestions.

Scenes last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes each, meaning the 75-minute show will be packed with moments of comedy gold. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or Thank God You’re Here you’ll have an idea of what’s in store.

“The best part about Theatresports is the nature of the show as a tightrope walk. There’s an element of danger in improvisation, because things will happen onstage that have never happened before, and never will again,” Wade says.

Formed in 2004, ImproMafia is Brisbane’s most enduring impro company, branching out from small pub shows to theatres, festivals, and a highly-regarded training program which offers ways to help boost confidence and creativity both on and off stage.

“This show is the jewel in our yearly performance calendar,” Wade said. “It’s pure fun, and with a line-up like we have, this show is going to be a blast.”

Team Southerners will be comprised of David Massingham and Jason Geary from Melbourne, Bridie Connell from Sydney, and Emma Brittendon and Brendon Bennetts from New Zealand.

Team Queensland will feature Luke Rimmelzwaan, Wade Robinson, Jaz Robertson, and Carla Haynes.

For more information or to book visit the Brisbane Comedy Festival website.

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