VTC takes on a brutal Daniel Keene love story.

Following their acclaimed debut season (The Darkening Sky) in March, Victorian Theatre Company return to Theatre Works with LOW – a gripping thriller from iconic playwright Daniel Keene.

Emma and Jay are lovers, isolated and outcasts from society. Money is scarce and Melbourne’s streets are dark and unforgiving. Desperate to prove themselves and change their fortunes, they take the law into their own hands. Written in 1990, LOW travels through time and grabs us by the heart.

Rising stars Matthew Connell (The Darkening Sky, King Lear) and Veronica Thomas (When The Light Leaves, Thigh Gap) are cast as the two star crossed lovers with one of Melbourne’s most sought after directors Jennifer Sarah Dean (Moulin Rouge!) at the helm of this compelling new production.

‘It’s a story that comes from and belongs to our streets’ Dean explains. ‘The play is firmly set in 1991 Melbourne – a hard period in Australian history with a recession gripping the country.’

LOW will be scored by composer and sound designer Thomas Kunz (Hamlet), anchoring the piece to the time period and bringing out the heightened poetry that Keene’s best known for. Chelsea Neate’s inspired set and costume design bring Melbourne’s dark alleyways to life in the perfect venue: Theatre Works’ new warehouse space The Explosives Factory in St Kilda. Kris Chainey’s lighting design evokes noir punk and neon cityscape to submerge the audience.

Theatre People explained of their past production, “The success of this production for me lies in its ability to evoke the mood of the genre, being able to languish in extravagant prose with creatives relishing in their craft.”

Victorian Theatre Company is fast becoming Melbourne’s most-watched new theatre company. They focus on Melbourne made stories, fusing the disciplines of film and live performance to create new works of radio play, theatre and film.

This project has been supported by Regional Arts Victoria, for more information visit the official EventFinda page.

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