Direct from Japan, Maho Magic Bar will light up Brisbane!

Following stellar sold out seasons down south, MAHO MAGIC BAR speeds into Brisbane like the Shinkansen. Created by Broad Encounters, the team behind 2021’s record-breaking underground immersive hit, A Midnight Visit, which ran in Brisbane for an astonishing six months, MAHO MAGIC BAR is an immersive experience of an entirely different kind.

Playing at Brisbane’s all new Twilight Electric precinct at Northshore, as part of Brisbane Festival’s early event program, MAHO MAGIC BAR promises to jet audiences into a neon-lit ‘Tokyo’ night, with all the mischief, mayhem, cocktails and laughter you could wish for.

Step inside the dazzling pop-up venue and you will find an intimate bespoke and gorgeously refined bar and entertainment space spread across six performance areas. After taking your seat and selecting your drink of choice, consummate master magicians, direct from the magic bars of Japan, will perform your own exclusive magic show at your table – creating an unforgettable, multi-sensory and interactive experience unlike anything else you’ll find in Brisbane.

Broad Encounters Director, Kirsten Siddle said, “I wanted to bring Japan’s crazy, cool, fun to Australia and give audiences an experience unlike anything they have had before. Seeing close-up magic really does inspire awe. The skill, finesse and personalities of these master magicians is really mind-blowing. Maho Magic Bar is the ultimate, hedonistic night out in Tokyo, without leaving Brisbane.”

Making up the magicians’ troupe is Shohgo Yamashita, the pin-up boy from party capital Osaka and is a pioneer of magic with compelling storytelling; making the crowd gasp, Kaori Kitazawa is our kawaii princess of illusion, shaking up gender stereotypes in the typically male magician domain. And then there’s Sarito: quite possibly the craziest close-up magician on the planet, his daredevil repertoire includes needles, gaffer tape, detergent and stuffed animals.

With a carefully curated bar menu of premium Japanese libations, you can choose from delicious and innovative cocktails, sake from three different regions and styles, find love with Japan’s famed whiskeys and shochu or savour an umeshu and soda. And if you’re feeling adventurous in spirit, round out your experience with a purchase from the mysterious ‘Special Menu’.

Tickets can be purchased from the Maho Magic Bar website.

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