The master of immersive theatrical performance return!

Following their record-breaking six-month Brisbane season of the award-winning A Midnight Visit in 2021, the superstar immersive theatre collective, Broad Encounters, reveal their new aqueous creation, LOVE LUST LOST.

The troublemakers and disrupters of Broad Encounters have been embroiling themselves in a fresh intoxication – one of love, lust . . . and loss. In this scintillating, adults-only immersive theatrical adventure, the collective take on the timeless tales of Jules Verne, Hans Christian Anderson and Joseph Conrad, in a collision that promises adventures in an intricate and enthralling underworld of terrible sacrifice, sweet surrender, lost souls and a whole lot of fun.

The real story of the ocean depths begins where you left off. Wonders that defy my powers of description. Secrets that are mine alone but which I would be prepared to share with you. Welcome to a world of subterranean delights . . .

In 2021, Broad Encounters redefined the definition of a theatrical experience, with a macabre immersive journey through the work of Edgar Allan Poe. In 2022, LOVE LUST LOST will take multi-sensory adventuring to a whole new ‘submersive’ level. A new underworld awaits, featuring more than 32 designed spaces and a cast of seven stellar performers encompassing music and theatre, soundscapes and song, spoken word and dance, circus and sculpture.

Broad Encounters’ Director, Kirsten Siddle said, “LOVE LUST LOST is our most ambitious work to date. It tells a story of longing and desire, sacrifice and surrender, avarice and passion. LOVE LUST LOST will transport and enthral you in every way possible.”

A formidable team have assembled for this new venture: with writing by Kirsten Siddle and Helen Cassidy, stage direction by Scott Maidment, fight direction by Nigel Poulton, sound design and composition from video game makers Kpow; stunningly detailed sets by a team of designers, scenic artists, props makers and master builders including Josh McIntosh, James Browne, Dave Angelico and Stephen Wolf, and costumes by Olga Dumov. The fearless cast include Sandro Collerelli, Lucinda Shaw, Asher Bowen-Saunders and Chris Braithwaite.

A disrupter, enabler and agent for innovation, Broad Encounters works creatively with artists and other brave minds to fashion live performances and experiences that matter.

Tickets can be purchased from the Love Lust Lost website.

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