The Need for Governance: A ‘Football Queensland’ for Community Theatre

Community theatre is a vibrant and growing sector that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to create and perform live theatre.

However, unlike the world of professional theatre, community theatre is largely unregulated, with no overarching governing body to oversee its activities. This lack of oversight can lead to a range of issues, including inconsistent standards of performance, safety concerns, and inadequate support for emerging artists.

In this article, we will explore the need for a governing body like ‘Football Queensland’ but for community theatre.

The Importance of Regulation

Every sport, including football, requires regulation to ensure that participants play within the rules and that the safety of players is paramount. In the same way, community theatre requires regulation to ensure that standards are upheld, and that participants are safe. A regulatory body can also provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent, while ensuring that the rights of performers are protected.

The Benefits of a Governing Body

A governing body for community theatre could bring many benefits to the sector. Such a body could provide training and support for community theatre groups, such as boards and committees, to ensure that they are operating to a high standard. Additionally, a governing body could act as a central resource for information and support, helping to promote community theatre and encouraging greater participation in the sector.

The Role of Football Queensland

Football Queensland is a great example of a governing body that has successfully regulated and supported the sport of football in Queensland. The organization oversees the sport at all levels, from grassroots to professional, and provides a range of services to players, coaches, and clubs. These services include coaching courses, referee training, and support for clubs to develop and grow.

If community theatre had a governing body like Football Queensland, it could similarly provide support to emerging artists, regulate and standardize performances, and promote the sector as a whole. This would be particularly important in ensuring the safety of performers and promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect.


The community theatre sector would benefit greatly from the establishment of a governing body. Such a body could provide regulation, oversight, support and resources to all groups. Football Queensland provides an excellent model for how this could be achieved, and perhaps it is time for community theatre to follow suit. By regulating the sector and promoting best practices, a governing body could help to ensure that community theatre continues to thrive, providing opportunities for emerging artists and bringing the joy of live theatre to communities across the country.

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