Powerful new musical for Brisbane’s October night sky

Ireland’s infamous legend ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ comes to life with a musical retelling by Brisbane writer and composer Anina-Marie Van Wyk in Observatory Theatre’s Destiny Doomed.

Performed under the stars in the heart of South Brisbane, this outdoor production features an original acoustic folk-pop score, set against the leafy background of Musgrave Park. Destiny Doomed combines heartfelt storytelling with strong messages about mastering your life and finding your place in the world.

Ms. Van Wyk said the legend of Deirdre has “long been a favourite” of hers. “Deirdre’s story has always been sad. I wrote this musical to give her a voice and to celebrate her power,” she said.

“The show speaks to victim blaming and roars with feminine strength. It profoundly declares women the masters of their own story,” Ms. Van Wyk said.

Destiny Doomed tells the story of a girl locked away by the King until she is of age to marry. The girl is cursed by a prophecy, predicting that she will bring great suffering to the kingdom. Soon, rebellion ignites, and she isn’t going away quietly.

Actor Clarise Ooi plays Deirdre in the production. “I hope she inspires young people to stand up for themselves,” she said.

“It’s not often you see Celtic folklore reappropriated for modern audiences, so this reimagining will be a great chance to share the unique folktales of other cultures,” Ms. Ooi said.

The show features other Brisbane-based performers, including Laura Fois, Elliot Gough and Kieran Evans. Destiny Doomed runs from September 29 to October 8 at Musgrave Park, South Brisbane. Audience are encouraged to bring their own picnic blankets and camp chairs to enjoy an evening under the stars and the beautiful incoming weather this Spring.

Do not miss this dagger-sharp new musical! Tickets are on sale from the Observatory Theatre website.

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