Roar Academy - Newsies JR

Roar Academy seizes the day with premiere production of ‘Newsies Jr.’

Redcliffe Musical Theatre’s ROAR Academy took to the stage this past weekend with their production of ‘Newsies Jr.’

It was the first time the shorter version of the 2012 Broadway musical has been mounted in Queensland.

‘Newsies’ is the Tony Award-Winning musical based on the true story of the newsboy’s strike of 1899. When the powerful newspaper tycoon, Joseph Pulitzer put up the price of the newspapers, the newsboys band together and go on strike. Though no one believes the bunch of misfit children can ever stand up to the mighty Pulitzer, their strength and determination see them winning the strike and demanding rights for those without a voice.

A heart-warming David and Goliath story, ‘Newsies’ proves no matter how young, people can make a difference when they work together.

Not a truer word can be said for the cast of this wonderful production. With an ensemble varying in age from 8 to 18, the creative team did an amazing job at ensuring each cast member had a valuable and accessible role for their age.

Manhattan Lead Cast (Saturday)
ROAR Academy’s Manhattan Lead Cast pose for a production photo.

It was such a treat to see the teamwork and strong sense of connection the cast had on stage, despite their age differences.

At times, it was easy to forget that the audience was watching a junior production – a testament to the training program delivered by ROAR Academy. Every child on the stage exuded talent, confidence and pride.

It is spectacular to see the next generation of performers who are so passionate and talented. In a time where the future of
theatre in uncertain, productions like this one reignite the flame and ensure live theatre will not become a dying art.

ROAR Academy has big things ahead. They are soon to be heading off to Newcastle to attend the Junior Theatre Festival, which they have participated in every year since its inception in 2016. There they will present ‘Newsies Jr.’ and ‘Oliver Jr.’ for adjudication, with a cast of over 40 students.

In February, ROAR academy will once again take to the stage in a production of ‘Frozen Jr.’ which is sure to be a magical show.

ROAR Academy is helping to keep the arts alive with their accomplished and successful training program and dynamic and engaging shows such as ‘Newsies Jr’. It is wonderful to see so many students participating in the program and so many audience members at junior productions like these. This is the future of theatre.

Now is the time to seize the day! If you would like to find out more about ROAR Academy, visit its website.

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