Again, You Have Trusted Me - Fringe Brisbane

Highly Anticipated One Woman Show to star at Fringe Brisbane

A new award-winning production titled ‘Again, You Have Trusted Me’ is set to showcase this year at Fringe Brisbane and Backbone Festival.

As a winner of the Golden Gibbo at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, multi-talented director Sarah Stafford combines with collaborator Alex Hine to present their solo one-woman show at this year’s debut festival.

The only catch is that in this new production, Hines and Stafford have switched places with Hines taking the lead in directing Stafford’s text ‘Again, You Have Trusted Me’.

‘Again, You Have Trusted Me’ markets itself as “an absurdist theatre-documentary” that reimagines the shocking stories, habits and world views passed down through her matriarchal bloodline.

During its creation, Stafford asked the women in her family if they were feminists. Then she asked them to rank each other. She quizzed them on their favourite parent, their favourite child, their favourite food, their favourite time of year, whether they were racist, whether they were homophobic, whether they were good people… And she got it all on tape. This forms a centrepiece for the new production.

Blurring the lines between home video, absurdist clown, and sociopolitical commentary, Stafford’s camp and gritty storytelling is set to have audiences wondering if this portrait of her working-class family is reality TV or just reality.’ Again, You Have Trusted Me’ is a gothic horror from the deep north, infused with Longbeach blues, soaked in dark spirits and drowned in Stanley white wine Lambrusco.

‘Again, You Have Trusted Me’ is written and performed by Stafford, with direction by Hines, set design by Stephen Quinn, sound design by Samuel Boyd, AV design by Blake Howson and Dramaturgy by David Stewart.

The new production will be presented from 4 November 2022 as part of Fringe Brisbane at Ron Hurley Theatre, located in the Seven Hills Hub. Tickets are priced between $28.00-$35.00, and the show is rated PG.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Fringe Brisbane’s website

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