Witty new workplace comedy to debut

Performers and call-centre veterans Lauren Harvey (improv comedian The Improv Conspiracy and Big Fork Theatre) and Kelly Hodge (award winning writer, Be Still Media) debut their witty new workplace comedy Call Girls at Fringe Brisbane from October 15.

Be transported beyond the hold music and onto the customer service front lines for 60 minutes of outrageous fun with Ella and Alexis, two twenty-something work wives hell-bent on having a good time (and, if they get the chance, hitting their KPIs).

Call Girls will have its premiere at Fringe Brisbane from October 15-30 at Big Fork Theatre Hub in Fortitude Valley.

Lauren Harvey is an actor and improv comedian, most recently seen in Punk Rock at The Loft Theatre (Brisbane) and Big Fork’s The Mixer and Queer Show. Kelly Hodge is an actor and award winning writer (Be Still Media 2021), recently seen in the 2022 web series The Dividing Line by JLAction Productions.

Call Girls will be their debut project, drawing on their collective half a decade of experience working in call centres.
Audiences can expect a high-energy, incisive and quick-witted show that pays homage to a lineage of great workplace comedies. With charismatic main characters inspired by Fawlty Towers and Peep Show, the script lampoons the absurdity of rampant bureaucracy in the style of the ABC’s Utopia while packing plenty of laughs and heart.

Created in the context of the Great Resignation and a rapidly changing workplace environment, Call Girls invites you to witness hilarious and absurd displays of human behaviour usually kept far beneath the veneer of polite society. It examines what happens when we keep putting our lives (and the calls) on hold.

Lauren says “My co-writer Kelly and I were equal parts delighted and horrified by how similar our experiences have been in the call centre environment. The stories taken from our real life experiences are just too good not to share. Alternatively, we could just get on with our lives and do our jobs like normal human beings. But then, how would we leverage and capitalise on our winning wit and charm to catapult ourselves to fame and fortune?”

Call Girls will not be phoning it in this Fringe Brisbane season. Join Alexis and Ella as they put everything on the line. No, the other one!

Tickets available from the Fringe Brisbane website.

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