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‘Your Song’ // QPAC and The Little Red Company

‘Your Song’ was reminiscent.

Showing that music lives on in memories, The Little Red Company’s ‘Your Song’ combines Elton John’s classics with community stories in a heart-warming tribute-styled show.

Presented at QPAC’s Concert Hall in its return season, this music revue brought to life a triumphant songbook from the highly-acclaimed British singer, pianist, composer and “Rocket Man”. It’s clear to see why this production took home the Matilda Award for Best New Cabaret in 2021. Produced by The Little Red Company, ‘Your Song’ features an array of well-composed covers, against a live band and is complete with a stellar and experienced cast.

The 90-minute musical feast captured all Elton John’s memorable tracks – from the infamous ‘Candle In The Wind’ which was an emotional tribute to Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe alike to a rollerskating bride in ‘Tiny Dancer’. Covering all the hits was the four-member cast, comprising Andy Cook, Marcus Corowa, Irena Lysiuk and Luke Kennedy. Backing them were musicians Mik Easterman (drums), Michael Manikus (keys), OJ Newcomb (bass) and Stephen Ward (guitar). Each cast member took their turn in the spotlight, and in various formations (duets, solos, etc.), breathing life and stories into each song.

The throughline showcases how each song, is someone’s song. Filled with nostalgia, the production explores how music evokes powerful emotions, which in turn brings back various memories. The cast retells and reenacts some of these experiences – which have been curated from members of the community who have vulnerably shared their sentimental feelings connected to a particular Elton John song.

The set design was simple and minimalistic, with big colourful balloons evoking a party atmosphere. These structures hung from the ceilings and were made to look as if they exploded out of the central grand piano, which became the focus of much of the action, particularly with Michael Manikus matching Elton John’s piano playing. Lighting design by Jason Glenwright, perfectly complimented the feelings of each moment, making some feel intimate and others on a grander scale. Costumes also supported the energy of the production and brought Elton John’s infamous looks to life: from large feather shoulder pads to big sunglasses, and even a subtle nod to the 1976 iconic Dodgers Stadium costume.

Particular standout performances came from Andy Cook’s versatility with a melancholy rendition of ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ and then an up-tempo and fabulous ‘Crocodile Rock’. Luke Kennedy’s rendition of ‘Daniel’ sent shivers, Irena Lysiuk ukelele playing created an intimate ‘This Is My Song’ and Marcus Corowa’s ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ was commanding.

The whole experience is a feel-good, jukebox musical, that gave rise to many powerful feelings. ‘Your Song’ does wonders to transport audiences to moments, to experience the music firsthand and from a completely new perspective. It’s a relatable rollercoaster of interconnectedness and community.

In ‘Your Song’ audiences experience heart-wrenching and inspiring stories set to the iconic music of Elton John. This is a moving production from the highly-regarded, The Little Red Company. Fans of Elton John’s work should rocket their way to QPAC, and catch this limited season before it closes.

‘Your Song’ performs at QPAC’s Concert Hall until Saturday, 1 October 2022. For more information, visit QPAC’s website

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