‘GODZ’ // Head First Acrobats

‘GODZ’ was arresting.

‘GODZ’ from Head First Acrobats is playing at Wynnum Fringe after being a hit at the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and Perth Fringe. ‘GODZ’ has arrived in Brisbane bringing their mixture of storytelling, circus and physical theatre to Wynnum, and poking fun at organised religion and hetero-normative masculinity along the way.

Presented in the Vault (and sharing the space with the following show Crème de la Crème) ‘GODZ’ utilised arresting acrobatics, feats of strength, slapstick comedy and voice-over to tell the story of ‘Greek mythology’.

Each of the four artists played a series of ‘GODZ’ from the title – Hercules, Dionysus, Cupid and Apollo (played by Thomas Gorham, Callan Harris, Jordan Twartz and Liam Drummer) with features from Hades, Zeus and some rogue nuns throughout.

The show follows these ‘GODZ’ as they perform acts of strength and skills – from juggling, balancing and spinning, the work is primarily acrobatic in form though they utilise some aerial apparatus – straps and trapeze. The work culminates in the acrobats posing in the nude as archetypical Greek statues, covering themselves with Grecian golden platters. Hercules is punished and sent to the underworld resulting in the appearance of Hades, nuns and more.

A deliciously fun soundtrack and spectacular lighting – particularly in the final straps sequence – pulled the work together for a fun evening.

The acrobats could have gone harder in their critique of hetero-normative masculinity – they poked fun at their physiques but some of the artists played into their characters and comedies more than others – utilising their voice and expressions whilst others leant into their acrobatic roles. The breaking of form between verbal and non-verbal performances was at times distracting and hard to follow when sound cues would overpower the artists voice’s – which wasn’t established from the start – and some acrobatic feats could have been held for a beat longer to truly pay-off.

The acrobats worked nicely with the artists and were charismatic, playful performers – engaging cheekily with the vocal audience. The costume and prop design were also strong creating a glitteringly camp version of ancient Greece.

Overall, ‘GODZ’ was a thoroughly enjoyable night out at the circus.

‘GODZ’ performs until December 4, 2022 at The Vault as part of Wynnym Fringe. For more information visit their website.

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