Captivating new work about leaving behind your 20s

The latest premiere offering from Melbourne-based outfit, Pandy Productions, this moment in time is a captivating new work about leaving behind your twenties, following your gut, and how one fleeting conversation can alter the path of your whole life.

Running this December at The Butterfly Club in the CBD, this moment in time is the story of two random strangers arriving at the airport, primed to expect the inevitable delays of the Summer rush. After her annual visit home, Sam lugs a suitcase full of standard-issue family guilt back with her as she heads to a life and partner in New York that she no longer wants. And Theo, annoyingly optimistic and desperate for a distraction, has fallen down the rabbit-hole while overthinking his recent break-up. Striving to be the perfect man that always seem forever out of his grasp. And then they sit down next to each other…

A tale about the heady trajectories life can take, and how adjusting those might just be the very thing we need, this moment in time is a drama that gently examines the in-between moments of some of the biggest events in our lives.

“While I was travelling overseas recently I spent a lot of time alone in airports, and sometimes I’d cross paths with a person who I connected with on a different level”, explains Writer/Actor Alistair Ward.

“I’d speak to people about their childhood, secrets, their dreams, and I’d share mine. Then we’d part, knowing we’d probably never see each other again, but you have these beautiful memories from one conversation. And sometimes you’re changed because of that. this moment in time is the result of that. To me the “in-between moments” in life are always the most interesting part. That’s what inspires me and that’s what I put on the stage. It’s about real life and real people. Two people connect on one day… and I wonder whether these moments are fate or divine intervention or just a random moment. The story within that will always intrigue me.”

Inspired by real conversations had in airport terminals, this new play by Writer Alistair Ward (Winner of the 2019 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award) and Director Mashaka Gunnulson, invites Melbourne audiences to experience a very personal and intimate tale of painful truths, trust, and laughter between two strangers.

Because if you’re not learning life lessons in transit… you’ve probably stalled.

An emerging company, Pansy Productions launched in 2021 with a goal to produce work that offers a glimpse of different world views, and sheds light on our common humanity. Initially creating inhouse works, the company aims to produce and support work from emerging writers, while providing opportunities to other artists in the wider community, in the future. Following in the footsteps of other admired and vital production companies.

Closing on December 10th, check out The Butterfly Club’s website for more information.

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