Pony Cam - Anything You Can Do

Experimental theatre company, Pony Cam, returns with new work

After a sold-out season as part of the 2022 Autumn FUSE Festival, experimental theatre company Pony Cam is bringing back their rare and compelling theatrical event, ‘Anything You Can Do’, for a strictly limited season.

Set in a disused suburban hall, ‘Anything You Can Do’ brings together two generations at two ends of life – the ensemble of Pony Cam and a group of baby boomers from around Melbourne.

Performing alongside each other through bombastic dance-offs, pinata smashing, and intimate, physical storytelling, the show collides improvisation, clowning and an assortment of classic 80’s hits to unpack the life lessons that were never taught. Lessons of grief, lying, stupidity and, of course, sex.

‘Anything You Can Do’ is a theatrically bold, energetically infectious, and unexpectedly uplifting experience.

Pony Cam Ensemble Member, Hugo Williams, spoke about the connection the production tries to invigorate in its community.

“Theatre, as a form, is at its best when its focus is local,” said Williams.

“When ordinary people are given the chance to speak back to their community. Not instructionally – we don’t care about telling people how to live their lives. We just want to see communities play, cry, and celebrate each other in the same space. This is why we invite non-artists into our process. It’s theatre as a space for communal connection.”

‘Anything You Can Do’ has been created by Pony Cam in collaboration with a group of six non-artists aged between 55 – 75. It represents the commonalities, fears and differences we all share. Inviting community members without professional artistic experience into their theatre-making process is a part of Pony Cam’s commitment to making art for non-artists.

Pony Cam is brining back their compelling theatrical experience, ‘Anything You Can Do’. Photo credit Wild Hardt.

Pony Cam is an award-winning experimental theatre company making challenging and confronting performance events. By transforming non-traditional spaces, platforming underrepresented voices, and giving audiences intimate and unexpected experiences – Pony Cam uses theatre as a way to reconnect communities in new and complex ways.

Recently, Pony Cam’s work ‘Grand Theft Theatre’ won the prestigious Best Theatre Award at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and their work ‘Paradise Lots’ was nominated for the Best Experimental award. In 2021, their work ‘A Red Square’ was a finalist for ‘Contemporary & Experimental Performance’ at the Green Room Awards, before being presented internationally.

‘Anything You Can Do’ performs 16-18 February 2023 at Chalice Hall, Northcote, Victoria. Running for only three shows, the show will be an unforgettable unmissable romp through the cliches and brilliance of age.

For more information and to book tickets, visit Pony Cam’s website

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