Haunt Cabaret Brisbane: An Exciting New Arts Experience for the City

There’s a new player in town, and it’s called Haunt Cabaret Brisbane. Located in the heart of the city, this small family-run business is striving to offer something unique for Brisbane residents and visitors alike; comedy, cabaret and burlesque!

The founders, Debbie and Stuart, together with their tribe of three kids, are the brains behind the operation. They started Haunt five years ago in Mackay, Queensland, and have since relocated to Brisbane, bringing with them their brand of dinner theatre entertainment.

Their goal is simple: to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that combines food, drink, and entertainment. And with 10 performers on the payroll, Haunt is committed to providing ongoing work for actors, singers, dancers, and aerial acts. It’s a big commitment, especially after COVID-19, but Debbie and Stuart are dedicated to making it work.

“We have put our hearts and souls (and the majority of our bank account lol) into Haunt Brisbane,” said Debbie in a Facebook post. “We just need Brisbane to buy tickets!”

Despite their best efforts, ticket sales have been slow, which has resulted in a reduction in shows. But with their latest show, “The Curse of the Black Pearl Necklace,” getting rave reviews from those who have attended, the Haunt team is calling out to the community for support.

“We are a small family-run business… we are not a big business with millionaire backers,” explained Stuart. “We just need your help to get there!”

And the community has responded. Reviews from those who have attended Haunt have been overwhelmingly positive. Jan Lyon had a “great night,” with “fantastic” food and service, and a “lot of fun”. Chris Beetham also had a “great night out,” while Graham Mayer “really enjoyed” himself and is “thinking of going back.” Kelvin Dunn summed up the experience, saying, “You’ll absolutely love it… we hope to go again very soon.”

So what can you expect from a night at Haunt? For starters, a delicious meal from their new caterer, whose menu is receiving fantastic reviews. Plus, the show itself is full of energy, laughs, and surprises. It is strictly 18+ so a good chance to escape the little ones and enjoy a sneaky drink. With dinner and show prices starting at just $95 per person, and VIP packages available, what are you waiting for?

“We are also keeping our prices as low as possible and cheaper, depending on ticket type, than our closest competitor (on the Gold Coast),” said Debbie. “We want to make sure that everyone can come and enjoy our shows.”

Haunt Cabaret Brisbane is a fantastic addition to Brisbane’s arts scene, and it needs the support of the community to thrive. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique night out, consider booking a ticket to Haunt. You’ll be helping to support a small family business and providing ongoing work for local performers.

“Don’t put it off!” urged Debbie. “We would love to welcome you to HAUNT and you’d be helping keep our small business going!”

To book your tickets or find out more, visit the Haunt Cabaret Brisbane website.

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