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5 Stageplays and Musicals Featuring Queen Elizabeth II

It has been six months since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history. As we continue to remember her life and legacy, we take a look at some of the stageplays and musicals that have featured the Queen over the years.

1. The Audience

Written by Peter Morgan, this play imagines the private weekly meetings between Queen Elizabeth II and her Prime Ministers throughout her reign. Helen Mirren famously played the Queen in the original West End and Broadway productions, as well as in the subsequent film adaptation.

2. Handbagged

Moira Buffini’s play examines the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher during their time in office. The play uses a “double-act” format to portray the two women, with older versions of themselves commenting on their younger selves.

3. Diana The Musical

While the focus of this musical is mainly on Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II is also a character in the show. The musical premiered on Broadway in 2021, and a filmed rendition was later released on Netflix. Both received negative reviews from critics, but have established a small cult following.

4. The Queen and I

Sue Townsend’s satirical play imagines what would happen if the royal family were forced to live on a council estate. While the play is not a direct portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, it does include a fictional version of the monarch and was adapted for a 2018 television Christmas special.

5. The King’s Speech

While not focused on Queen Elizabeth II, this play (and subsequent movie adaptation) features her father, King George VI, and his struggle to overcome his stammer with the help of a speech therapist. Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed as a young princess in the play and serves as a supporting character.

As we continue to remember Queen Elizabeth II, these stageplays and musicals serve as a testament to her enduring influence and legacy in popular culture.

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