Australasian Dance Collective merges drones and dance in world-first project

Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) is set to present an innovative performance that merges art and technology in a groundbreaking project called Lucie In the Sky. This world-first project features drones that will be choreographed using human movement patterns to emulate emotions and personalities. The project, which runs from 5 to 13 May 2023, aims to explore the balance of power between humans and drones, and their need for each other.

Lucie In the Sky seeks to bring the ‘Pixar’ effect into real life by humanising the drones and highlighting their complex relationships with humans. In this project, the ADC will showcase how drones can be programmed to exhibit human emotions and personalities, bringing together the two worlds in a seamless way.

The ADC has partnered with Verity Studios, a global leader in indoor drone technology, to create Lucie In the Sky. The partnership will bring to life a seamless synergy between ADC’s dancers and Verity Studios’ autonomous drones in this emotionally powerful performance that will challenge perceptions of AI and explore human connection.

Pre-show talks by Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, and post-performance Q&A sessions will be held on Tuesday, 9 May, and Thursday, 11 May. The duration, including the talk and Q&A, is 90 minutes from 1 – 2:30 pm. The tickets range from $65 – $75*.

ADC is known for its extraordinary performances, and this project will be no exception. According to The Australian, the company produces some extraordinary performances, matching the best seen on QPAC stages. The Courier Mail also praises the company for being one of Australia’s most exciting dance companies.

Lucie In the Sky is a must-see experience that will captivate your imagination and explore what is possible in live performance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the melding of technology and dance, and how the two worlds can seamlessly exist in harmony. Watch more here or purchase tickets from QPAC’s website.

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