An Interview with Loredo Malcolm of The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show, an iconic production that has captivated audiences for five decades, is back with a bang. Loredo Malcolm, a talented actor and performer, takes centre stage as Rocky, bringing energy, strength, and a touch of cheekiness to the role. In an exclusive interview, Loredo shares his experience being part of this legendary show and gives us a glimpse into the challenges and excitement of portraying Rocky.

A Part of Something Incredible

When asked about being part of such an iconic production, Loredo’s enthusiasm is palpable. “Being a part of this show is incredible,” he exclaims. Loredo recognizes the significance of The Rocky Horror Show, particularly in the current world climate. “The show itself represents so much, and it’s the perfect time to bring it back,” he explains. The joy and happiness that the show brings to the audience every night make him proud to be part of the Rocky Horror Family.

A Serendipitous Audition and Demanding Preparation

Loredo’s journey to the role of Rocky is nothing short of serendipitous. After spending two years working on Hamilton, he announced his departure on Instagram. Little did he know that this post would change his life. Leah Howard, a friend, reached out to him with an intriguing offer to audition for Rocky. Loredo jumped at the opportunity, flew to Sydney, and within two days, he had secured the role. Reflecting on the experience, he admits not knowing much about the show or the movie beforehand. Nevertheless, his audition was successful, and the rest is history.

Preparing for the physically demanding role of Rocky requires dedication and discipline. Loredo emphasizes the need for daily training, splitting his time between F45, Fitness First, and home workouts. While food plays an important role, he also believes in enjoying what he eats rather than strict restrictions. Prior to each show, Loredo engages in a workout routine that includes cardio and resistance training with his trusty 12.5kg dumbbells. He acknowledges that despite Rocky’s seemingly simple appearance, the preparation and mental strength required are immense.

Challenges and Freshness on Stage

Bringing a character like Rocky to life on stage presents its own set of challenges. Loredo shares that maintaining Rocky’s physical appearance while being confident and mentally strong can be demanding. Additionally, he strives to keep his portrayal of Rocky fresh and engaging each night. Rather than relying on a predetermined script, he focuses on reacting and connecting with the moment, making each performance unique. Juggling eight shows a week certainly presents its own set of challenges, but Loredo thrives on the exhilaration of the experience.

When asked specifically about the 50th Anniversary Production, Loredo proudly describes his incredible cast and their exceptionally strong show. The collaboration and talent of everyone involved create a unique and unforgettable experience for the audience.

Favourite Moments and Timeless Themes

Loredo’s favourite moments on stage involve his interactions with Frank N Furter. The genuine, cheeky, and sometimes dangerous exchanges between their characters create an electrifying atmosphere. Another memorable moment for him is when Rocky unexpectedly speaks some colourful language, adding an unexpected twist to the character.

Reflecting on the themes of The Rocky Horror Show, Loredo emphasizes its relevance and importance. Despite the show’s seemingly inappropriate nature, it serves as a platform for acceptance and empowerment. He highlights the iconic message of “Don’t Dream it Be it,” which resonates deeply with audiences. The show allows people to escape the outside world and join the cast on a “strange journey” where they can let loose and embrace their individuality.

The camaraderie and dynamic between the cast members create a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Loredo describes them as a “vibe.” They spend a lot of time together, working as a team to create something special. While there are days when individual space is needed, the respect and mutual understanding among the cast ensure a harmonious working environment.

As a Jamaican gay man, Loredo feels a deep connection to the show’s overarching theme of acceptance. Through the story, costumes, scenes, and music, The Rocky Horror Show celebrates acceptance on all levels, creating a safe space for individuality.

Expectations and a Good Time Guaranteed

When audiences come to see The Rocky Horror Show, Loredo assures them of a laughter-filled, unforgettable experience. The show’s energy, humour, and interactive nature ensure a good time for all. It’s an opportunity to let loose, have fun, and be a part of something truly extraordinary.

The 50th Anniversary production of The Rocky Horror Show has been wowing audiences worldwide. After captivating sold-out crowds at Theatre Royal Sydney, the show continued its limited season at Adelaide Festival Theatre until May 13. Don’t miss your chance to experience this legendary production when it arrives at Melbourne’s Atheneum Theatre from May 18 – July 30, Crown Theatre Perth from August 6, and Canberra Theatre Centre from September 29.

Tickets are on sale now at It’s time to do the Time Warp again!

Photo by David Boud

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