Break: A Courageous Exploration of Ambition, Dreams, and Recovery

Brisbane-based arts organization Metro Arts is set to present an introspective and raw new work titled “Break.” Created by The Farm and Cecilia (Ceci) Martin, the performance explores the personal journey of Ceci, a professional acrobat whose career was shattered by a series of injuries. Through a fusion of dance, theatre, circus, and intense humanity, “Break” delves into the cost of ambition, the process of falling apart, and the path to recovery.

Ceci, known for her global travels as an acrobat, faced potentially performance-ending injuries that forced her to question the very thing that had propelled her success: her ambition. With a mix of strength, determination, and defiance, she returns to the stage, confronting societal expectations while reflecting on her history of injuries and the toll of her relentless pursuit of her dreams.

“Break” is not only a personal narrative but also a tribute to the art of circus and the profound connections forged within an acrobatic ensemble. The performance serves as a physical love letter to the world of circus, celebrating the intricate bond that comes with performing in this unique discipline.

Metro Arts CEO and Artistic Director Jo Thomas expressed her enthusiasm for collaborating with Ceci on this creative journey, highlighting the poignant questions raised by the production. Thomas believes that Metro Arts is the ideal company to support Ceci’s story, given its commitment to fostering new art and providing a platform for thought-provoking and exhilarating works.

The performance dates for “Break” are set for June 21st to 24th, 2023, at Metro Arts in Brisbane. The creative team includes Cecilia Martin, Kate Harman, and Gavin Webber as the key creatives and performers, with Chloe Ogilvie as the lighting designer and Ben Ely and Anna Whitaker as the composers and sound designers. The visual design is led by Rozina Suliman.

“Break” tackles adult themes and incorporates haze and strobe lighting, making it suitable for audiences aged 12 and above. Tickets are priced at $49 for general admission, $39 for concessions, and $29 for school groups. More information and ticket bookings can be found on the Metro Arts website.

Commissioned by HOTA and Metro Arts and supported by Brisbane City Council, The Farm acknowledges the support from the City of Gold Coast and Arts Queensland. For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact COCOM PR.

Metro Arts, with its dedication to incubating and showcasing new art, provides a fitting venue for “Break.” As the performance explores the depths of ambition and the journey of recovery, Metro Arts continues to champion diverse contemporary art forms, supporting artists in every aspect of their creative process. With state-of-the-art facilities in West End, Brisbane, Metro Arts remains a hub for artistic growth and experimentation, ensuring that new art is created today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Find out more on the Metro Arts website.

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