‘Girls’ Night Out’ // Tugun Theatre Company

‘Girls’ Night Out’ was stimulating.

Looking for something a little adventurous at a local community theatre show? How about a Bachelorette Party showing up to a club with four sexy strippers? Located on the border of NSW/QLD, Tugun Theatre’s rendition of ‘Girls’ Night Out’ will be one of your most fun community theatre experiences ever!

Tony recently been spending lots of time in his room, playing Rod Stewart hits at top volume. His mum Ivy doesn’t see anything strange in this, at least until Ivy organises a hen night for the heavily pregnant Jane, Tony’s fiancée Nicola and the worldly Sara at the ‘Feast of Flesh’ male strip club, where all – or nearly all – is soon revealed. It turns out to be a hen night Jane will never forget. When mothers, wives, sisters and fiancées are confronted with revelations of an altogether different kind, can their lives ever be the same again? And will Jane still be having a wedding in the morning?
The laughter, energy and friendship of the characters creates a vibrancy that adds a touching poignancy to the tears, confusion, and painful honesty that the night reveals!

Lighting design by Charlie Graham & Luke Jones was bright and colourful. Graham & Jones utilised low lighting during the club scenes to simulate the seedy vibe of a nightclub, whilst this was effective at times the actor’s faces were sometime in darkness. Additionally, Graham & jones used gobos during the final party scene which really got the audience going! Sound design by Luke Jobes, Rianna Hartney-Smith & Samantha McClurg was chart-topping numbers. The team used hits from the past decades to appeal to all members of the crown which was extremely useful considering the wide demographic of the area.

Set design by Chris Hawkins was eye-opening and inventive using a double sided truck for the stage & walls of the club. This was a smart and effective way to create different spaces, however, the use of multiple curtain closes and blackouts to change the set became tedious throughout the production. It would be beneficial to the production to identify faster transitions to avoid long breaks between each scene. Costumes by Trish Nissen was smart and calculated, Nissen created a beautiful colour scape of dresses for the women and some sexy costumes for the males (which may have included the costumes coming off!)

Direction by Rianna Hartney-Smith was natural and simple. Putting your body out there for all to see is a difficult task and it is clear Hartney-Smith has worked with these men to build their confidence. Choreography by Tracey Lord & Peta Schulz was gyrating and impressive, teaching actors to dance is additionally difficult however the cast brought their A-game at this show to gyrate those hips and role those bodies!

Jack Willing as Tony was reserved and showed great depth in their character throughout the production from timid new comer to in deep stripper. Luke Jones as Robbie was a shining star in this production, Jones is a fantastic actor that brought their character to life. Tyler Leskiw as Darren was the character you loved to hate. Leskiw played this character with the ego of a King however his moves on the dance floor made everyone calling him the King. Rounding out the strippers was Brock Honnery as Phil, Honnery was calm and collected with a grounding that this production needed.

Tanya McGill as Ivy was the matron of this production, McGill hid their characters’ secrets perfectly until the awkward demise. Emma Andrews as Nicola and Jay-Louise Clark were the classic Kath & Kim duo. The bogan Aussie accents, sex in the bathrooms and alcohol on their breath, Andrews & Clark are talented actors that had the audiences laughing off their seats. Cassie Baan as Jane was another stand out performance. Baan is a professionally trained actor which can be clearly seen in this performance, she was the comedy star of this production and will be for many more to come. Rounding out this cast was the ensemble of Mary Nicholas and Jessica Wilson. Whilst in this production the ensemble did feel unnecessary, Nicholas and Wilson gave their all in their parts making an added layer of comedy.

Be sure to bring your drinks and an open mind for this hilarious piece of community theatre!

‘Girls’ Night Out’ performs until May 26, 2023 at Tugun Village Community Centre. For more information visit Tugun Theatre Company’s website.

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