Top 5 Female Musical Characters to Dress Up As

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration when it comes to feminine (but empowered) musical theatre costumes, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll unveil our top pics to dress up as and provide you with a list of essentials you’ll need for each costume. For the performers among us, we’ll even offer tips on how to embody their unique behaviours. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Elphaba from Wicked

Tipsy Elves Women's Halloween … curated on LTK

What You’ll Need:

  • A long, black, and flowing dress or robe
  • A pointed witch hat
  • Green face paint or makeup
  • A broomstick prop (optional)

How to Behave: Embody Elphaba’s powerful and misunderstood character by showcasing determination and strength. Let your confidence shine through, and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

2. Christine Daaé from The Phantom of the Opera

What You’ll Need:

  • A beautiful, elegant ball gown
  • A delicate, ornate masquerade mask
  • Curled or wavy hair, preferably pinned up
  • A replica of the iconic “Music of the Night” rose (optional)

How to Behave: Channel Christine’s grace and vulnerability. Exude poise and charm, and embrace the duality of her character. Show both innocence and a growing sense of independence throughout the evening.

3. Sandy from Grease

Ashley Roberts transforms into Sandy from Grease for Global's Make Some  Noise | Daily Mail Online

What You’ll Need:

  • A 1950s-style poodle skirt or high-waisted jeans
  • A fitted off-the-shoulder top
  • A pair of saddle shoes or high heels
  • A bouncy ponytail or curly hairstyle
  • Red lipstick and cat-eye winged eyeliner

How to Behave: Embrace Sandy’s transformation from sweet and innocent to confident and sassy. Display a fun-loving and playful demeanor, and don’t forget to bust out some iconic dance moves from the movie!

4. Éponine Thénardier from Les Misérables

My girlfriend made a last minute costume. Eponine from Lés Miserablés.  How'd she do? : r/halloween

What You’ll Need:

  • A worn, tattered dress or skirt with a shawl
  • A scarf or bandana to tie around your head
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Messy, loosely tied hair or a dishevelled updo
  • Smudged dirt or makeup for a street urchin look

How to Behave: Capture Éponine’s passionate and selfless nature. Portray resilience and a hint of sadness, as her character is deeply rooted in longing and unrequited love. Display kindness and loyalty throughout the night.

5. Roxy Hart from Chicago

Rumer Willis makes her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago | Daily Mail  Online

What You’ll Need:

  • A glamorous and figure-hugging flapper dress
  • Fishnet stockings and high-heeled black shoes
  • Long gloves, preferably in a bold colour
  • A feathered headband or fascinator
  • Dramatic red lipstick and smoky eye makeup

How to Behave: Embrace Roxy’s fierce and ambitious personality. Exude confidence and charisma while maintaining a touch of vulnerability. Emphasize Roxy’s passion for the spotlight and the art of performance.

Remember, dressing up as these female musical characters is about more than just the costume—it’s about embodying their spirit and bringing them to life. So, unleash your creativity, have fun, and get ready to steal the show!

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