‘Monet in Paris’ // Grande Experiences

‘Monet in Paris’ was peaceful.

‘Monet in Paris’ at Le Grant Palais, Northshore Brisbane from Grande Experiences is a peaceful, reflective wander through the world of 19th-century French impressionism. From the team that brought the extremely popular Van Gogh exhibition to Australia, comes the premiere of ‘Monet in Paris’ an accumulative work inspired by the impressionist masters.

Inviting you to step back in time to the 19th-century Pari, ‘Monet in Paris’ features the impressionist masters’ works projected at enormous scale throughout Le Grand Palais – in a display of light, colour and sound.

Though the exhibit is called ‘Monet in Paris’, the work features artists from across the spectrum of French impressionism including Renoir, Cezanne and Degas and Toulouse Lautrec, alongside an undercurrent of music. Notable excerpts included Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, the Nutcracker and the Can Can.

The work markets itself as an immersive experience, however, it was more a promenad. The experience is an interesting and accessible way to view these masterpieces through walking amongst them, but there are limited options for interactivity and the exhibit could have benefited from considering different angles from which to view the works. It is essentially the same experience from every angle and regardless of where one is positioned in the space, the view remains the same.

Though viewers are able to and encouraged to walk throughout the exhibit, there could have been more mindfulness attached to this journey. The space is laid out in such a way that it also requires visitors to read for more information about the individual artists prior to entering the space and does not provide much leeway to learn more about particular artists if you have further questions – potentially an audio guide or building in dialogue explaining certain works might add to the experience.

All considered, ‘Monet in Paris’ is still a deeply calming, beautiful, enjoyable and innovative way to experience these classic works of art, in a format that should appeal broadly from young children to older generations.

Monet in Paris’ is open from 7 June – 6 August at Le Grand Palais, Northshore Brisbane. For more information visit their website.

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