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10 Improv Prompts for Halloween

Ah, Halloween: a time for costumes, candy, and… improv? Absolutely! At its core, Halloween and improv both celebrate the joy of stepping into new characters and embracing the unexpected. They feed off spontaneity, creativity, and that thrilling sense of the unknown. What better way to enhance the eerie atmosphere of Halloween than with a dash of unscripted, unpredictable drama? Below, you’ll find 10 hauntingly entertaining improv prompts suited for All Hallows’ Eve. And, just when you think the scenario can’t get spookier, we’ve thrown in some suggestions for setting changes, elevated stakes, and spooky props to take your performance to the next level.

Improv Prompts:

  1. Two witches argue over the correct ingredient for a new potion.
  2. A group of ghosts attending a “Haunting 101” class for newbies.
  3. Zombies gather for a self-help group, trying to curb their craving for brains.
  4. A vampire and a werewolf attend a therapy session to discuss their feud.
  5. Aliens land on Earth, but it’s Halloween, so everyone just thinks they’re in costumes.
  6. A haunted house’s ghosts are annoyed with the loud, disrespectful visitors.
  7. A mummy awakens after centuries, only to be mistaken for an elaborate toilet-papered prank.
  8. Frankenstein’s monster joins a dating app and goes on a series of blind dates.
  9. A scarecrow is tired of being in the fields and tries city life for a day.
  10. The headless horseman is in search of a new head… at a hat shop.


Changes to the Setting:

  1. The witches’ cauldron is located in a busy subway station.
  2. The “Haunting 101” class takes place at a summer camp during a thunderstorm.
  3. The self-help group for zombies? It’s in a library with a strict “No Moaning” rule.

Changes to the Stakes:

  1. If the witches mess up their potion, they’ll turn into mortals forever.
  2. The ghosts in the haunting class have one night to scare someone or they’ll be stuck in the netherworld.
  3. The vampire and werewolf find out they have been booked on a daytime talk show together. Public humiliation is on the line.

Prop Additions:

  1. A cursed jack-o-lantern that can predict the future.
  2. A bat that’s actually a transformed prince.
  3. A mysterious old book that, when read aloud, brings inanimate objects to life.

The magic of improv lies in its unpredictability, and with Halloween serving as the backdrop, the opportunities for eerie, hilarious, and downright ghoulish scenes are endless. Whether you’re an improv newbie or a seasoned pro, these prompts and twists are sure to make your Halloween performance a thrilling, memorable event. So go on, embrace the unexpected, and let your imagination run wild through the haunted corridors of improv!

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