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10 More Improv Prompts for Halloween

Halloween’s theatrical charm doesn’t end once you’ve put away your witch’s hat or vampire cape. As the season of spooks and spectacles continues, so does the need for more chilling and chucklesome scenarios to enact. As a sequel to our earlier list, here are 10 more devilishly delightful improv prompts to keep the Halloween spirit alive and kicking on your stage. And, just like last time, we’re amping up the stakes with settings, stakes, and props that’ll make you scream (with laughter)!

Improv Prompts:

  1. Ghost pirates argue about where they buried their treasure.
  2. A group of monsters hold a beauty pageant to determine who’s the most fearsome of them all.
  3. The Grim Reaper joins a dance competition, trying to learn the Cha-Cha.
  4. A demon and an angel end up as roommates in a college dorm.
  5. Kids unknowingly trick-or-treat at the house of real monsters, thinking they’re just really good costumes.
  6. The Boogeyman is experiencing an identity crisis, considering a career change.
  7. A group of bats discuss the pros and cons of turning into vampires.
  8. A skeleton tired of being in the museum breaks out for one night of fun.
  9. A swamp monster decides to run for the mayor of a small town.
  10. Dracula is tired of blood and consults a nutritionist for alternatives.

Changes to the Setting:

  1. The ghost pirates are arguing in a modern-day bank’s safe deposit box room.
  2. The monster beauty pageant is held at a popular beach resort.
  3. The Grim Reaper’s dance competition takes place in a bustling shopping mall.
  4. The demon and angel’s dorm is in a haunted historical building.

Changes to the Stakes:

  1. The ghost pirates discover that their treasure map has been photocopied and sold online.
  2. If the monsters don’t impress in the beauty pageant, they risk being banished to the human world.
  3. The Grim Reaper finds out that if he doesn’t win the dance competition, he’ll have to take dance lessons for eternity.
  4. The demon and angel are paired up for a major project that determines their grade and fate in the afterlife.

Prop Additions:

  1. A crystal ball that shows embarrassing moments from the past.
  2. A broomstick that has a mind of its own.
  3. A cauldron that can only cook up bad jokes.
  4. A magic mirror that reflects the inner monster of anyone who looks into it.

Just like before, the real charm of these prompts is in the unexpected twists and turns they can take. With Halloween as your muse, the boundaries blur between the spooky and the side-splitting. Whether you’re just starting out in improv or have been at it for years, these scenarios are a guaranteed way to infuse fresh fun into your Halloween festivities. So, gear up, let loose, and let the spook-tacular world of improv take over!

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