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Another 5 Male Role Models in Musicals

This International Men’s Day we’re stepping back into the spotlight of the musical theatre stage, to highlight another set of male characters with positive values and unconventional strength. There are many gems in the world of musicals, let us celebrate those characters that not only entertain but also enlighten.

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1. Mark Cohen from “Rent”

A Storyteller’s Passion
As an aspiring filmmaker in Rent, Mark Cohen beautifully weaves together the raw emotions and experiences of his friends against the vibrant backdrop of New York City in the late ’80s. He’s fiercely loyal, compassionate, and dedicated to his craft. Through his lens, we’re reminded of the importance of documenting life’s fleeting moments and finding beauty in adversity.

2. Bert from “Mary Poppins”

The Jack-of-all-Trades Optimist
Bert, whether he’s sweeping chimneys or sketching on pavements, embodies positivity. With his sunny outlook, even the grayest London day feels like a dance. His infectious spirit, playful nature, and zest for life teach us the magic of a positive attitude and the joy found in life’s simplest moments.


3. Charlie Price from “Kinky Boots”

Finding One’s Own Path
Inheriting a struggling shoe factory wasn’t Charlie Price’s dream, but it becomes his journey of discovery in Kinky Boots. Through collaboration with the fabulous Lola, Charlie learns about acceptance, understanding, and the importance of walking in another’s shoes (literally!). His transformation from a reluctant heir to a passionate entrepreneur is both heartwarming and inspiring.

4. Emile de Becque from “South Pacific”

Love Beyond Boundaries
In the midst of war and societal prejudice, Emile, a French plantation owner, falls deeply in love with a young American nurse. His unwavering love, despite the challenges they face, is a testament to the power of love transcending societal norms and boundaries.

10 The Book Of Mormon London

5. Elder Kevin Price from “The Book of Mormon”

Questioning and Growth
Starting off as an overly optimistic missionary with dreams of doing something incredible, Elder Price’s journey in The Book of Mormon is one of self-realization. While he faces comedic trials and tribulations, it’s his ability to question, adapt, and grow that makes him a relatable role model. His transformation highlights the importance of self-reflection and understanding one’s true calling.

From New York’s vibrant streets to the heart of London, these positive male role models light up the stage with their tales of growth, discovery, and love. Each story, wrapped in a musical embrace, reminds us of the transformative power of theatre and the timeless lessons it offers.

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