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Ballet Theatre Queensland Unveils Enchanting Production

Ballet Theatre Queensland invites audiences to embark on a magical journey with their captivating new production, “The Sleeping Beauty,” gracing the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) from January 18-20, 2024.

Adapted from Charles Perrault’s timeless fairy tale, this ballet, set to Tchaikovsky’s renowned music, embraces the cherished choreography of Marius Petipa. Artistic Director Clare Morehan leads the choreography, complemented by enchanting sets crafted by Bill Haycock and costumes designed by Carmel Wenck.

Featuring 61 of Queensland’s most talented young dancers from 30 dance academies across the South-East, the production introduces a junior cohort aged 8-10, offering them a memorable debut on the grand stage.

Adding to the allure, the Cadenza Chamber Players will perform Tchaikovsky’s monumental music live, enhancing the experience for both dancers and audiences. Morehan expresses her excitement, emphasizing the importance of exposing young dancers to live music in today’s rare landscape.

Executive Director and Music Director, Lucas D. Lynch, shares his enthusiasm, stating, “I cannot express just how excited I am for this show. It will be a stunning production, and it brings such joy to see the next generation of dancers share their love of the craft on the QPAC stage. The standard is extraordinary.”

“The Sleeping Beauty” unfolds the magical narrative within the palace of Princess Aurora, where the Royal Fairies, including the benevolent Lilac Fairy and the malevolent fairy Carabosse, cast their spellbinding magic.

This enchanting ballet promises to transport audiences to a world of wonder and is an ideal way to celebrate the summer holidays. Join Ballet Theatre Queensland for the spellbinding production of “The Sleeping Beauty” at The Concert Hall, QPAC, from January 18 to 20, 2024.

Book your tickets through QPAC or call 136 246.

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