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The PENS Model for Creative Goal Setting

In the dynamic world of theatre, setting tangible, inspiring goals is crucial for performers, directors, and event makers. The PENS Model, an acronym for Projects, Experimentation, Networking, and Skill development, offers a comprehensive framework for creatives in the theatre industry to navigate their yearly objectives effectively. This editorial delves into how each component of the PENS Model can be leveraged for personal and professional growth within the vibrant theatre landscape.

Projects: Crafting Your Performance Legacy

Projects are the heartbeat of any creative’s portfolio. For theatre professionals, this translates into selecting or creating performances, productions, or events that not only showcase talent but also push creative boundaries. When setting goals under this pillar, consider:

  • Diversity in Roles and Genres: Challenge yourself with roles or projects that differ from your usual repertoire.
  • Original Productions: Think about developing original content that speaks to contemporary issues or untold stories.
  • Collaborative Ventures: Engage in projects that involve collaboration with other creatives, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.

Experimentation: Embracing the Unconventional

Experimentation is the fuel for artistic evolution. It’s about stepping out of comfort zones and embracing the new and unconventional. For theatre practitioners, this could mean:

  • Exploring New Techniques: Whether it’s a novel acting method or an innovative stage design, experimentation keeps your art fresh and exciting.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Projects: Consider projects that intersect with other art forms like music, dance, or visual arts.
  • Audience Engagement: Experiment with new ways of engaging the audience, perhaps through immersive theatre experiences or interactive performances.

Networking: Building Your Creative Community

Networking in the theatre world is about building relationships that nurture your professional journey. It involves:

  • Industry Events: Attend theatre festivals, workshops, and seminars. These are not just learning opportunities but also platforms to connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Mentorship: Seek mentors who can guide your career and offer opportunities for collaboration and learning.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with your local theatre community, participate in discussions, and contribute to collective growth.

Skill Development: Honing Your Artistic Craft

Continuous skill development ensures that you remain relevant and versatile in the ever-evolving theatre industry. Set goals around:

  • Training Workshops: Regularly attend workshops to refine your skills, be it in acting, directing, or technical aspects of theatre.
  • Academic Pursuits: Consider courses that offer deeper insights into theatre history, theory, or specific techniques.
  • Personal Practice: Dedicate time to personal practice, reflecting on your performances, and seeking constructive feedback.

The PENS Model offers a holistic approach to goal setting for theatre creatives. By focusing on Projects, Experimentation, Networking, and Skill development, you can craft a fulfilling, dynamic career path that not only enhances your artistic abilities but also contributes significantly to the rich tapestry of the theatre world.

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