Javeenbah’s ’35MM: A Musical Exhibition’ a Unique Artistic Experience

Javeenbah Theatre on the Gold Coast is set to captivate audiences with its latest production, “35MM: A Musical Exhibition”, running from February 3rd to 17th, 2024. This innovative show promises to be a groundbreaking fusion of visual art and live music, offering a fresh and engaging experience for theatregoers.

“35MM” brings together the realms of photography and storytelling, accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack. The production features a series of vivid photographic snapshots, each serving as the backdrop for a unique narrative. These visual elements, combined with a live musical score, create a multi-sensory journey that delves into diverse, evocative tales.

Audience reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting various aspects of the show. Y. Fitzgerald praised the harmonies and standout performances, while H. Cox was impressed by the exceptional lighting and choreography, noting that such elements are a rare find on the Gold Coast. J. White recommended the show for its creativity and the cast’s talent.

At the heart of “35MM” is the creative partnership between Ryan Scott Oliver, an award-winning composer, and Matthew Murphy, a renowned photographer. Oliver’s emotive compositions beautifully complement Murphy’s striking visual narratives, creating a seamless blend of audio and visual storytelling.

Director Taylor Holmes expressed her excitement about the production, promising audiences a sensorial feast. She emphasized that “35MM” is more than just a musical; it’s an innovative form of entertainment that pushes artistic boundaries and offers a new perspective on storytelling.

“35MM: A Musical Exhibition” represents a bold step in combining different art forms, offering a unique experience that extends beyond traditional theatre boundaries. This production is not just a performance but an immersive artistic event that promises to leave a lasting impression on its audience.

As “35MM” garners attention and acclaim, it stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that emerge when music and visual art converge. The Javeenbah Theatre’s commitment to innovative and diverse productions continues to position it as a key player in the cultural landscape of the Gold Coast.

For those looking to experience this unique blend of art and storytelling, “35MM” presents an unmissable opportunity. With its limited run, audiences are encouraged to secure their tickets and be part of this extraordinary artistic endeavour. Book online at www.javeenbah.org.au or phone 0417 004 466.

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